You can have your bitch I don’t need him,
i don’t need him like i didn’t need last weeks news,
and todays the day that ima put my mind to,
no disrespect to you I dont need your boo,
he was my dude his now yours too,
isnt that what his saying, that his “yours for you”?
I don’t care, keep your bitch and let me live my life,
i see those pictures that he puts says that your his wife,
bull-sh*, if i know anything his yours for 5 weeks,
then its hard times and rough times,
And i aint even wikileaks,
Im just telling u what it be,
and its the reality,
but dont let me warn you cause you’ll find out for yourself,
you’ve wanted him so long so here he is and good health,
good health to you Miss. KEYSHA,
good health to you his a keeper,
dont u ever,
good health to you,
you can have your bitch i don’t need him,
by this point I’ve decieved him into thinking that I need him,
and his probably wond-ering why I don’t call or friggin text him,
let alone the bias that,
that Im the girl he put on that,
i am the girl he thought he made his bitch,
now your his bitch, n his a snitch, such a liar such a trick,
enjoy what he gives you..
its half the price he gave me,
he gives discounts now and don’t let him tell you,
suck dick and get fucked for twice free,
his all yours,
toad for toad,
take the jewelry,
you are owed
but enjoy it while it lasts, his your bitch.

Lo que Mas

By Shakira
Cuántas veces nos salvó el pudor
y mis ganas de siempre buscarte?
Pedacito de amor delirante
colgado de tu cuello un sábado de lluvia a las cinco de la tarde
Sabe dios como me cuesta dejarte
y te miro mientras duermes,
mas no voy a despertarte
Es que hoy se me agoto la esperanza
porque con lo que nos queda de nosotros
ya no alcanza

Eres lo que mas he querido en la vida
lo que mas he querido
Eres lo que mas he querido en la vida
lo que mas he querido

Cuántas veces quise hacerlo bien
y pequé por hablar demasiado?
no saber dónde, cómo ni cuándo
Todos estos años caminando juntos
ahora no parecen tantos
sabe dios todo el amor que juramos,
pero hoy ya no es lo mismo, ya no vamos a engañarnos
Es que soy una mujer en el mundo
que hizo todo lo que pudo
no te olvides ni un segundo

Eres lo que mas he querido en la vida
lo que mas he querido
Eres lo que mas he querido en la vida
lo que mas he querido

Change I caN’t bEliEve in

Chinese Symbol for Change

I twisted this saying to suit my own personal feelings, but Obama would be mad if I did. Yes,yes of course he would be. Fine, I’m dwindling between revealing this to everybody and revealing this to everybody. Oh wait, I’m revealing this to everybody.

Have you ever gone to a mall and all you cvan do is gap at the monstrousity of the building and the functionalities astound you. I have become a cave woman and for the first time I feel like my heavy judgments on life are going to bounce back and bite me on the ss(like 300 times because I honesty believe my ass needs atleast 299 bites).

Change I can’t believe in is also known as culture shock. Lets say you walk into a room full of people wearing gay-wage tshirts you’ll be like “shit!their so gay!the tshirts too!”. But it’s not about that, its about opening up your mind, not with fork and knife, but with patience and experience. So far I’ve used observance, critical thinking and a magnification of my own thoughts to summate my experiences and mentor them to you, my fans 🙂

But am i crazy?Or am i deliberately faking naivity??? I went into a mal; and gapped at a girl holding an icrecream cone! Not because it was vanilla and choc chip(which is by the way my all time favourite ice cream!) but because she was a HUMAN BEING in a public place, so relaxed, so at ease, blending in. sigh.. I want to be like her, you and the millions of other people enjoying the luxaries of day to day social living. It’s healthy.

I can’t believe I’m going to the University Within, things will be so much worse when I go there. Take for example when I was taken to a nice lounge the other day in the middle of the CBD. Of course I had to rush through the whole sipping-gingerale-and-acting-all-chilled-out-but-im-not part, but I was shocked, rendered speechless because I judged the Isle of Corruption and I said “damn these people their such zebras!”(zebras run in packs. get with the m.o.! 😐 )The CBD and my life, thought to be one big episode of “Survivor” paused and I relaxed. The ambience was so calm, the people so happy, the sunny glow hitting the tables and shining the afternoon summer time in- I couldn’t believe I was out of my prison, I couldn’t believe that this place not only surpassed my expectations but proved them wrong entirely. Admitting defeat is ok, joining in and changing is whats so scary.

Was I happy to leave that lounge? Get of that public transport vehicle? Leave the District of Nothing? Yes. I’m still really afraid

Rollercoaster Attack

Fall deep within this abyss of deception,
Don’t be afraid to let your tears dissappear,
Falling,rolling,tumbling,down down down.
Paint a happy picture and smile when you see it,
Make yourself happy be the centre of happiness,
Smile,pile,dial, dial him,up up up.
What you gonna do when rejections come in,
Are you gonna run and chuck it in the bin,
Failure,master,loser,valour, down down down.
Flowers smell beautiful I’m gonna go drink,
Paint a happy picture and forget to think,
Feast,beast,least up up up.

Looking pretty with this pretty dress,
Nobodys gonna dump me today but i feel rejection,
Supposing,imposing,influencing,down down down.
Unconscious decision to shoot him,
Maybe im telling myself the past will be forgotton,
Forgetting, dieing,erasing down down down.
Madness incepting my brain and sowing it,
Should i keep my cool and sit brainwashed?
Controlling,beholding,withholding,down down down.
I scream until i crescendo and music behind walls dont listen,
I scream because i want to run n nobody listens,
Escaping,frustrating,piercing down down down.

Up up up,
Down down down,
Up up up,
Down down down,
Shut, shut up,
Leave, me,alone,
Up,up, up,

Rejoicing because im happy with the one i love,
Cheering my family on wouldn’t be anywhere else,
Smiling,salivating,embracing,amazing,celebrating,dancing,twisting and turning,drinking,smoking,eating,and being,living, up up up.

I just recieved my official acceptance to the University Within,
I’m processing my financial forms and my life begins,

Beginning,emancipating,fullfilling, up up UP!