You can have your bitch I don’t need him,
i don’t need him like i didn’t need last weeks news,
and todays the day that ima put my mind to,
no disrespect to you I dont need your boo,
he was my dude his now yours too,
isnt that what his saying, that his “yours for you”?
I don’t care, keep your bitch and let me live my life,
i see those pictures that he puts says that your his wife,
bull-sh*, if i know anything his yours for 5 weeks,
then its hard times and rough times,
And i aint even wikileaks,
Im just telling u what it be,
and its the reality,
but dont let me warn you cause you’ll find out for yourself,
you’ve wanted him so long so here he is and good health,
good health to you Miss. KEYSHA,
good health to you his a keeper,
dont u ever,
good health to you,
you can have your bitch i don’t need him,
by this point I’ve decieved him into thinking that I need him,
and his probably wond-ering why I don’t call or friggin text him,
let alone the bias that,
that Im the girl he put on that,
i am the girl he thought he made his bitch,
now your his bitch, n his a snitch, such a liar such a trick,
enjoy what he gives you..
its half the price he gave me,
he gives discounts now and don’t let him tell you,
suck dick and get fucked for twice free,
his all yours,
toad for toad,
take the jewelry,
you are owed
but enjoy it while it lasts, his your bitch.

Keeping a Patient Tempo

I am true to my word,
By god, if he has anything to do with this I will beat him senseless..
I regress..
This financial experience has taught me two things,
Not to give money to people, not to use my own money randomly..
Is it simp-ely that simple…
I told my brother what was what,
I opened up because I couldn’t take it any more and now its sorted..
I am morbid..

No more lies in my life,
It’s so weird that I lost the pattern of what I was and need to change..
Broaden my range..
I’m almost open-minded,
I think the world expects an application of my elemants..
Not just highlights…
I’m losing patience over this UW stuff,
The sad thing is that I’m going almost berserk and losing my mind..
I wish that application became unsigned..
I percieve people to be smarter,
Clouds of grey on perceptions developed and hopeful glances…
Lost in stanzas…

Its not the snow,
Cold bitter thoughts don’t envelope around me and freeze my brain..
I think the usual’s really lame..
Whoever said I’m full insane,
Fully different, fully tainted..
Was partly wrong cause there is a chapter in my life where clear..
Was simply a tear..
Joining clubs that fit my passions,
I cannot wait because I’m set on feeling something either than..
A simple lonliness I can’t comprehend..

I push the people further back,
Their talk is cheap and I am living in a antifairytale drama..
They are not my mama..
Shouts, screams and booze,
I can hear it in the next room and I say no to it all…
Am I a girl at all?
I feel so tested

I don’t rise, I kill

I basically can’t understand this society,
This democracy is killing me,
This mentality is burning me,
To the ground, I seek mercy,
To the air,I seek fortune,
To my mouth, I seek closure,
But I got none.

I basically can’t understand this society,
Why these niggaz keep on playn me,
Why this the only fucking story,
I cant tell, I can think,
I wish I could, but I’m on the brink,
Or breaking, oh the link,
But I got none,

I basically can’t stand this society,
I’m tryna walk in the sludge,
I’m thinking, what the fudge?!
Can I do this, is this me,
Mama said it be killing me,
I can’t take it, can’t you all see,
But you guys made it, how about me?
But there is none

I can’t understand how you can arise,
I don’t want to think that nobody can despise,
Looking through the future, I see what lies,
A destiny of soldiers, looking for some ties,
I beg to differ,
But there is none.
And I am done.
Tryna have fun.
Fuck this


With great wings, im soaring,
Chagrin,im falling,
I’m dead, I’m down,
Simplicite,im down.

Sweet feelings of motion,
Wind burning in my ear,
Time passing,crashing sounds,
Burning in my ear,

I made a thought,i thought to think,
I saw a web of lies,
I sunk I dived,I made a hive,
I flew,I dreamt,Cant i just be,

Defining a state of trance,
Is more complex than thinking,
Felt it,touched it,
Sweet feelings,Rhythem building,
Want to jump off a building,
And sore,like,

I pray for moments,deep cuts,
Slow moments, I try,
I try to make a life,
Filled with nothing,
No troubles, No thoughts,

Impossible like fairies, Impossible like night,
24hours of madness,
Nonstop,clock does not stop,