Living by Your Means

I can’t help feeling like living by your means,
Means I generally should think of life in a box,
This box is central to my life and your means,
Mean that I am living by the standards of edges,
Defined by boundaries that construct the simplistic world,
You strive to achieve in this world of meaningful things,
Think about what would be most awesome,
The awesome concept of doing many things,
Or being able to live your means and no other means apart,
Baige in a box full of shiny things,
Tot hink I picked your box out of millions of others,
And yet my shoulders shudder to think what,
Eventful things might come out of these lines that are so defined,
My eyes don’t scan your yours the right way,
They read them like the scripture read by a goth,
A talisman held by an idiot,
And the fools fool is your fool today everyday,
The same fool you picked to be yours today,
Today is brand new I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt,
Make ammends to my current state of mnd and say,
Lets just say living with one pen is better than two,
The two things i need the most are all but dumb,
And the dumb people I talk to everyday are proof of my existance,
Living by your means means struggle,
Struggle liek the escaped soldier from war growing tireless everyday,
He grows tireless because his mind is not where it should be,
How does it feel to have no gun, no protection,
None from the world just living like a nun?
I’ll tell you how it feels simplistic man of mine,
The mind is wretching and the body is screaming,
Living by your means makes me suffer,
And oh what little sweat I pour by doing what seems,
Like very little work.



With great wings, im soaring,
Chagrin,im falling,
I’m dead, I’m down,
Simplicite,im down.

Sweet feelings of motion,
Wind burning in my ear,
Time passing,crashing sounds,
Burning in my ear,

I made a thought,i thought to think,
I saw a web of lies,
I sunk I dived,I made a hive,
I flew,I dreamt,Cant i just be,

Defining a state of trance,
Is more complex than thinking,
Felt it,touched it,
Sweet feelings,Rhythem building,
Want to jump off a building,
And sore,like,

I pray for moments,deep cuts,
Slow moments, I try,
I try to make a life,
Filled with nothing,
No troubles, No thoughts,

Impossible like fairies, Impossible like night,
24hours of madness,
Nonstop,clock does not stop,