Deep thoughts in this dark hole where shrubs are born,

Forlorn, and torn …in to pieces,

The scorn of a woman as she feels unborn,

In a world of sin,

Boiling hunger and thirst in deserts plain,

The gain, and wain… of existence,

Rains down on my body and feelings sane,

Creep up on minds so innocent and pussies as wet,

I crept, and wept … as he left,

What’s a girl to do when she has nothing left,

Pussy wet and crevice deep, was so deep,

Hard to keep, to thirsty wounds,

I weep at dark and feel the lark of times left to reap,

Times left to regain in this world of pain,

I feel insane, membrane,.. can’t stop thinking,

As the trains, of time’s lanes pass me by and blame,

Curious George hands who find their way amongst the light of day,

I pray, the clearly here to stay,

Long line, so divine as these fingers meet mine,

Sense of time in this moment, I am no longer lost,

In frost, at a cost of words..I gasp,men

The touch of newly born fingers creep, in this crevice so deep, i-m–l-o-s-t,

In pleasure mine with you in mind, strong hands so divine,

Inclined to sign, be mine..and let’s rock,

Up and down, Up and down all night like the fine wine we sip in sync,

The blinks of pleasure feel great as the wet over came my dry,

I cry in pleasure, sigh in pain…I am mine,

Wanting you to be here as I fine dine on my pine

Seduction 1-0-?

When I think of temptation- two words come to mind: bliss and freedom. Why? Because as much as the human mind hates to admit it submitting to temptation is the lack of saying no to your inner logic.

Over the past lets say… Semi- odd weeks I have been fighting my own temptations and the worst of its kind too! ! ! Seduction ladies and gentlemen. It’s not wrong it’s simply enjoyable, fruitful and fun but is it worth it? When you think of who & what actions led you to be seduced by another it all boils down to- was it god damn worth it?

I’m only 20 see, so don’t get it twisted. I’ve lived an eighth of life and I’m not about to say I know all the answers to this never ending story of suspense. What I will say however, is that worth comes in different fractions and indifferent ways. Depending on who you are. Now ladies, I am not gonna super impose myself on you and men, this isn’t an over generalization. This is what I expect.

I expect to not be a booty call even though I’m the one doing the booty calling. Haha! I want a man to understand that even though his getting my pussy it doesn’t give him the right to say “hasta la vista babe” me! That is just plain wrong. I’m not saying start getting married to me and my vagina but frankly speaking, please have the common decency to express some interest in me the morning after.


And last but not least, if the guidelines of your pleasant hook up haven’t been stipulated and you still want to “figure” it out then please don’t let me be the only one hallarin at your ass the day after!

Girls.. They say we ask for too much but we don’t. I can’t be tempted by a guy who makes me feel as though I’m the only one whose interested in keeping our little conversations going. Ok, im attracted to you and enjoy ..hmmm.. whats the word flirting with you but please STOP using the “call me, maybe” line!! the days of being coy are OveR. say what you mean and do what you say!

I dont need a seducer Who shares close to a little enthusiasm in speaking to me compared to the extent of “how r you’s” and “how was it’s” and “good mornings” I’ve thrown around. So I quit the lying act.. Lying to myself that what I have with my temptation is more than just what it should be. Because it shouldn’t be that and I never wanted it to be. Oh but I did love the attention… I still do


Sex Dream no.5

The most appealing thing is when a guy just goes for what he wants, confidence, gentlemen, is key..

I was in the elevator going up to my room and I looked across from me at this really attractive guy. Brown skinned, kind of tallish and with the most amazing muscles ever. I flipped the corner of my hair around my earring and coiled it down my tentative shoulders, letting the curl rest lazily on my ashen white collarbone.

The guy turned towards me and said his name was Carl, I introduced myself as Dramasque and he moved up closer to me. Apparently we were going to the same floor so the more we talked, the longer it felt, the more transparent my attraction to him was and I found myself sliding my hand across the nape of his neck. He caught my hand as i began to stroke the back of his neck, pulled it towards his juicy, kissable lips and pressed them against those lips.

We finally arrived on the same floor and the doors opened letting in a flood of airconditioned corridor oxygen. He followed me to my room and before i could get to the door, I turned around quickly and with a haste. “What are you doing?”, I questioned cautiously. His left hand grabbing my right and his right holding my left securely, he pinned me against the door of my bedroom and replied, “don’t you wanna find out?”. I smiled coyly up at him, his face towering above mine and with a slight shove of the doorknob behind me I let us both in..

Before i knew it, my legs were in the air, my hands grasping both sides of the beds head and my pussy wide,inviting, his dick decided to push up on me in that lopsided fetal position. My moans kept getting longer..the sweat trickling of the small of my nipples down to my clenched stomach. Legs held high above me by his strong muscular hands, i screamed as his dick ran through my soft wet hole. He pounded slow then fast…oooo, how it made me feel good.

His voice ragged with anxiety as he held my legs in place and steered his penis inside me, like a horizontally set rocket launcher his cum blew up inside me…but that didn’t stop him from tying my hands, tilting me backwards and driving inside me from the back. His sexual embrace encapsulated my senses and when he wants driving his cock inside me, I was mmmmm’n to the touch of his rugged hands against my thighs. In he went, and his hands gripped both sides of my hips as he rammed my ass and pulled me towards him. The seduction of a man, how pleasing.. i rubbed my pussy with delight, The numbness was a drug unknown to me, and yet..taking over my senses in the most domineering manner possible…

I moaned louder, said his name, his name was carl right. Placed my thighs in a steady position and allowed my ass to succumb to a hard hard touch.. As my hips rolled and the sweat had made it’s way to the crane of my pussy, I unhinged myself from a doggie position and stood a little with his cock inside me. Let my hands slide backwards and felt an uncontrollable desire to touch his neck and let his kisses flower my ashen skin.. His groans loud and forceful as his cock slowed inside my asshole and the touches became more vivid. A kiss here, a squeeze there…. then a steady rhythm inside me. till i came.

Confident men…how nice.

My world

In my world Deuces isn't recognized...let the moon pour in to my life

I step out of the shower,

the pitter patter of rain drops fall on the ground,
the pitter patter of rain dribbles down my slopes,

I wonder what life has brought,
The daunting thought of taking another step,

My world is shaking and wobbling like the world is ending,
My world is shaking and sweating like global warming,

The memories are clouds like an overhead sun,
I look to the dry dam,

It stares back with memories of what my world used to be like,
It stares back filled with more than a hundred thoughts of wanting,

The sexual pleasure that fed the soil,
I’ve tried to escape the feeling of desire,

Most of all, the world reconstructs itself and its citizens move house,
Most of all, its frightening to think my world faces a trade off,

Only one can be chosen, lust or extinction?
I stroke the hardening earth,

Feels like ages since Its been watered and cared for,
Feels like jealousy and hunger mixed into one,

Why do the other planets have and i don’t?
The songs in my head are move on and you’ll be fine,

I positively take actions like the leader of a short island,
I negatively scream that I expect results,

The most I can do is build a new city,
I build my city and its full of great wonders,

There’s control, motivation, determination and pain,
There’s over-control, fear, anger and insanity of the mind,

The mayor of my city is my heart,
I walk three steps in the snow,

The guy holding his girl by the shoulder frightens and thrills me,
The guy holding his girl moves me and tempts me to limits,

The world is under attack!
Bring yourself to composure and don’t care,

Nick said I should’nt care because it’s not worth caring about,
He said its not going to hurt, lets make birds fly and grass green,

Pouring myself into something, using a jug,
I click three buttons,

Technology is famous all over the world,
Technology allows us to connect to the most perverse things ever,

Technology is better than manmade rivers..
Brilliant white light is that you calling?

I walk into the light waiting to greet it and pick a letter,
The mail always comes in but never stays for long in the world,

Constitution of my soul revived and inspired,
By bright lights of the holy spirit,
Building the castles now,

Cold chill freezing the beauty all around,
Cold chill hiding the sweetest girl around,

Animals in hibernation and waiting to eat,
The food of my eyes yet to be harvested,

Patience is important in forming beautiful cities,
Lets not let the old pipes burst under with impatience,

Closing the gates and using my hands,
Building this city with nothing but a plan,

One nIght StAndS

I was talking to Curtis on 2go and it made perfect sense when I said it. Now it makes even more sense. The topic of One night stands is a recurring factor in all topics of randomness and fun. Why? Because its the physical, sexual illustrative part of just being a free human being. I read this help-column on a website once and I thought I’d share it with all of you so I can better explain my point.

Dear Dr Cath,
I’m getting married in three weeks but I recently had my stag weekend in Prague and it got a bit wild.
One drunken evening I got chatting with a girl and ended up having sex both with her and her friend while four of my pals looked on.
I’ve never cheated before and feel really bad.
Now one of my mates is really angry and is threatening to tell my fiancée.
He’s always had a thing for her and I think he’s trying to split us up. What should I do?

Dear reader,
There is no doubt what you did was a mistake – and now you need to minimise the consequences.

This basically sums up my view on one night stands. Yes, it feels good! and yes, its tempting to say the least but what does the totally of the action incur upon your life and exactly how will it benefit your pyschological well being?

I remember one day I had an encounter with a guy about a one night stand because we were actually planning it and he said to me, he says ” you need this,it’ll be good for you, to release the tension from your life”. I almost did it in that car with him, what a tangled web of manipulation and deciet God weaves for us.
I stopped myself but I stopped myself because I was scared, not because I didn’t want to but because I didn’t know how to go about doing it and acting cool about it.

Later on, I realized that that was a completely miss-the-bullet answer. Winnie and I talked today and she told me she had her first one night stand with a guy who’s been hitting on her for about 3-2 months. He caressed me, he touched me, he kissed me, it was random and it was fun. I realized that I couldn’t do that even if I tried because the REAL reason behind my fear was not for my bodies sake it was for my dignity’s sake.

You can have a one night stand and forget about the relationship you never had, be with someone and feel on top of the world. You can be like Winnie and I and decide you wanna forget that your cheating, lieing, ex boyfriend by releasing your frustrations sexually. Is sex a means of getting even? No.

I believe a one night stand is more for a guy then it is for a girl because girl’s, whether we like it or not, pay attention to detail. These moments that define us are what fill our dreams as we sit in our peaceful corner and think about how he held me? the things he said? and my oh my am I happy i don’t have t show I’m commited, I can be single, hip and carefree. Lets face it ladies, we want the princess ending and the guy with the bouquet at our doorsteps. Excusing this fantasy by having a million one night stands is not going to change the fact that you can never measure up to your fantasy if you continue treating sex like an object.

I like to say sex is a hobby, an interest, a basic form of entertainment that each and every one of us can indulge in. Chicken makes me happy, ill eat chicken and I’ll also have some sex to go. But one night stands cannot be the resolution to everlasting fun or heartbreak or lonliness, it is just a means of betraying our emotions and once its over it gets confusing again and the reality of the situation( the REAL situation dawns on us)

I can’t just have fun and be happy? Yes you can, you can have loads of fun but why make your body feel ecstasy when you obviously know your thoughts are the brains behind every operation. And sooner or later like the light at the end of the tunnel we’ll resolve to be celibate because our brain waves take over and now we suddenly want to stop playing around. I wish my cousin Natasha would read this note.