Rollercoaster Attack

Fall deep within this abyss of deception,
Don’t be afraid to let your tears dissappear,
Falling,rolling,tumbling,down down down.
Paint a happy picture and smile when you see it,
Make yourself happy be the centre of happiness,
Smile,pile,dial, dial him,up up up.
What you gonna do when rejections come in,
Are you gonna run and chuck it in the bin,
Failure,master,loser,valour, down down down.
Flowers smell beautiful I’m gonna go drink,
Paint a happy picture and forget to think,
Feast,beast,least up up up.

Looking pretty with this pretty dress,
Nobodys gonna dump me today but i feel rejection,
Supposing,imposing,influencing,down down down.
Unconscious decision to shoot him,
Maybe im telling myself the past will be forgotton,
Forgetting, dieing,erasing down down down.
Madness incepting my brain and sowing it,
Should i keep my cool and sit brainwashed?
Controlling,beholding,withholding,down down down.
I scream until i crescendo and music behind walls dont listen,
I scream because i want to run n nobody listens,
Escaping,frustrating,piercing down down down.

Up up up,
Down down down,
Up up up,
Down down down,
Shut, shut up,
Leave, me,alone,
Up,up, up,

Rejoicing because im happy with the one i love,
Cheering my family on wouldn’t be anywhere else,
Smiling,salivating,embracing,amazing,celebrating,dancing,twisting and turning,drinking,smoking,eating,and being,living, up up up.

I just recieved my official acceptance to the University Within,
I’m processing my financial forms and my life begins,

Beginning,emancipating,fullfilling, up up UP!