RuNaWay Princess

Mutti asks at the end of the day ‘how was your day?’with a cheery smile.
I say ‘it was good!went to class did some primers..hmm’..then uni talk..then clothes talk..then a little bit of screaming due to the untidyness of my bedroom. Ah yes, this is a great mandatory conversation.

Little does she know, from last year at around this time, i was taking my first public transport vehicle and travelling more then 8miles away. 🙂
I guess, you’ve gotta be a runaway princess, thats how things work in my world. The action becomes a formidable plan set out like a mission, you’ve gotta think fast and your lies..their your mode of conversation. Truth is not an option.

I set out to meet someone and i plan it to a tee, even down to the last oppurtunity cost and cost itself. I put on my normal day clothes, Im ok with the fact that i look like a commoner, i wouldn’t want to stand out in my princess dress.

I set the place its always within a 6mile radius of where my alibi story venue is. So that when i leave in my cautious walk and stance it will be ok. And what if the venue is the same as the alibi for one reason or the next, i make damn sure I know how to blend in. Like walking in the hawker neighbourhoods of the BusyWeezy District, looking like i dont care making sure nobody glances at the €75,000 phone in my jacket pocket.I look down, i look focussed.

I set the timing, if im gonna be somewhere I dont ask other people except for maybe Douche coz his timings are always on point. If im going somewhere I start, n leave for a 2hour destination arrival.Because the likelihood of me getting lost in the Isle of Corruption is very large. I set the time for the conversation it cant be more then one hour, give or take the destination departure.

I set the alibi, busted: i was just going somewhere to get something, i was here the whole time, i never left, poker face stare..i never leftnot busted: class was good, that exam was a bit hard,nothing special,yeh next week we have the same thing going on

I set the pyschological mind set because you need it when Mutti stares you down and tries mind fucking you with her questions. I think like the girl that has to do this. Ill go home after meeting Curtis and reflect upon what the fuck just happened. I’ll dream and I’ll dream of The DoT, ill call it my past..the past i arranged, Ill call it my life, but its one that im living on a lease.

I set the emotion and how I should react to each situation. I cant cry in Town so im hard as hell. I cant be distant when the person ive availed my time for is right there in front of me. I’ve gotta know how to get back. Ive gotta be stern about it because being derailed under anyone else’ terms apart from my own will only get me into trouble. I cant drink, i cant smoke….i cant even begin to let loose. my emotions will derail me.

my fate, is in my hands, i am the runaway princess.