Lo que Mas

By Shakira
Cuántas veces nos salvó el pudor
y mis ganas de siempre buscarte?
Pedacito de amor delirante
colgado de tu cuello un sábado de lluvia a las cinco de la tarde
Sabe dios como me cuesta dejarte
y te miro mientras duermes,
mas no voy a despertarte
Es que hoy se me agoto la esperanza
porque con lo que nos queda de nosotros
ya no alcanza

Eres lo que mas he querido en la vida
lo que mas he querido
Eres lo que mas he querido en la vida
lo que mas he querido

Cuántas veces quise hacerlo bien
y pequé por hablar demasiado?
no saber dónde, cómo ni cuándo
Todos estos años caminando juntos
ahora no parecen tantos
sabe dios todo el amor que juramos,
pero hoy ya no es lo mismo, ya no vamos a engañarnos
Es que soy una mujer en el mundo
que hizo todo lo que pudo
no te olvides ni un segundo

Eres lo que mas he querido en la vida
lo que mas he querido
Eres lo que mas he querido en la vida
lo que mas he querido

I don’t rise, I kill

I basically can’t understand this society,
This democracy is killing me,
This mentality is burning me,
To the ground, I seek mercy,
To the air,I seek fortune,
To my mouth, I seek closure,
But I got none.

I basically can’t understand this society,
Why these niggaz keep on playn me,
Why this the only fucking story,
I cant tell, I can think,
I wish I could, but I’m on the brink,
Or breaking, oh the link,
But I got none,

I basically can’t stand this society,
I’m tryna walk in the sludge,
I’m thinking, what the fudge?!
Can I do this, is this me,
Mama said it be killing me,
I can’t take it, can’t you all see,
But you guys made it, how about me?
But there is none

I can’t understand how you can arise,
I don’t want to think that nobody can despise,
Looking through the future, I see what lies,
A destiny of soldiers, looking for some ties,
I beg to differ,
But there is none.
And I am done.
Tryna have fun.
Fuck this

Worth the Wait

In most instances we are impatient. Even the most patient person will feel to some degree held back in life.Were waiting for something bigger to come along and when it does, were waiting again.
The other day I got to experience what I’d like to call ,worth the wait syndrome.
I met Douche and we hugged for a full 1 minute, in that full minute I’d realized that I haden’t seen him in a month. Then we talked about why being in a relationship was so difficult not only for me, but for him. He taught me two things that day : Patience, and self respect.

What good is doing something if your only gonna do it for yourself? Douche was tempted but he was alsobound by his selfrespect. He loved me enough to wait. for his time, for our time.

It puts things in to perspective and thats just the category of love in Douche’s life. Worth the wait syndrome also comes into play in acedemics.

I had to wait for my university decisions to come in. I remember in June, sitting there and staring at all those rejections in my email and thinking that there was no hope. Vatti stood up blamed me for every single bad acedemic and social choice I’d made thus far and contacted all these big names in the university admissions industry. Lets just say..I had to write alot of letters, all constructed under Vatti’s critical eye. And things changed after the re-application, it was actually worth the wait. I got all my universities to accept me and 3 of them actually offered me a scholarship. Yesterday I got another acceptance and now I’m spoiled for choice. I’m actually leaving for the Land of Oppurtunity in December! I could talk about how much I was held back, how that small piece of paper called my acedemic transcript seperated me from moving forward and staying here, but it would be one long dramatic story.Mine and mine alone to tell.

It was worth the wait to believe in myself because I waited for a corridor of oppurtunity that I believed in. Vatti got so angry with me one day over buying another phone secretly because of “him” and asked me if I wanted to go to University..did i??I made the choice to believe in me.

Solution?hypothesis?observation?result?It’s always worth the wait if it moves one step closer to your actual dreams.