Parental GuidAnce

Is it true that parents really don’t know when to step off?Especially when it comes to matters concerning their own tennagers lives?It goes all the way close to home like Mutti and Vatti’s prison scheme program for me. Ofcourse downing that half a crate of beer was wrong but so was Mutti’s reaction to the situation!can anyone say slap,really loud?

So today just reminded me of how locked up I really am. Mutti left and Vatti did to,for work, I wore a short skirt cause Tabz and Comfort wanted us to all wear short stuff today and so i did!But the maid saw me and called Mutti to rat me out like the two faced ratting person I never knew she was. Mutti then took action by interrogating everybody that wasnt me about my choice of clothing to go for icdl.sigh..

This, is, not, the right way to go about things. Scratch that, its the wrong way to go about things. To all parents who might possibly be reading this, Give your child a break and let them make their own mistakes while you watch on. Yes, the degree of mistakes may vary but it is up to you as a parent to teach your kid the most solid of morals so that they are prepared for the reality of life.

The reality of life being that there are people we must interact with from the day we are born, that will influence us in a good or bad way. Parents must be strong enough to teach their kid only what they want their kid to know. Play a major role in the developement of your child and don’t run away from your responsibilities as a parent.

By playing a major role I don’t mean controlling them and imposing your values and norms on them. Because if you have a parent who does that they arent prepared to listen to how you want to control your own life and they find it very hard to delegate life to their own kids.

By playing a major role I also don’t mean teach them every mistake in the book. There’s a girl who’s father forces her to drink. Most kids in The Isle ofCorruption are literally Corrupted!They go out on the raev, their life is at a tempo of libertum. They wear the craziest stuff and are literally co-existing in eachother. We don’t want kids to be that way.

This post is dedicated to Mutti and Vattis’ stuborness to accept the reality of child developement. Sometimes Parents spend too much time focussing on what they want for their kids and what their goals for life are that they forget we need to increasingly develop our own sense of uniqueness.

The million dollar question is…how did the runaway princess develop hers? If all I ever grew up around was parents with a huge controlling issue