I missed you

Dont tell me you missed me then bounce,
Dont make up excuses then turn around,
Dont write a long message and bounce,
Don’t leave without making a sound.

I’m deader to you than I’ve been,
Its time the world is called what it is,
The feeling of rotting within,
My heart is crumbling in this,

The truth is that i do not miss u,
The word is thrown around all the time,
The message is me and u are through,
Missing you is making up for lost time,

Like seasons are passing and going,
I miss you is just a phrase used,
I mean that changes are seperating,
I miss you is thoroughly abused,

Woman i miss u means what it is, dont start the complaining, let go off the biz. Be easy,be free, coz thats what it is, Everytime i think of you i get chillz from the knees. And i can’t help what i feel so fucking forget what u think, theres a whole world out there, im here, what u think?I’m tired of writing these silly songs bwt u, thinkn bwt a world without u, busy tryna be the best man for u.U dont want me it aint easy so fuck the world without u. The cold inanimates just hanging on my head, telling me i should put this little lady to bed, coz i cant sleep,cant eat,cant sh*t, i feel nothing. You think i dont miss u, i miss all thats u in everything.

Dont count the texts and dont count the calls,
Just a message about how im always here,
Dont make ammends and dont cut the calls,
Just a far cry from needing you here.

Killing time is making me stressed,
Do i miss you and our conversations,
I’m so tired of always being the best,
Changes burn us, n widen our seperations,

Holding on to friendships never last,
The ones that fail r always in our past,
Yes we knew eachother and yes we had a blast,
Time waits for noone I miss u’s in the past.