He thinks he can do what?!

Over the past few days I’ve observed the cautious trait of men that want to get something from a woman. These have astounded me, I have both experienced and observed exactly how the game works.

Don’t be fooled. A man is like a business partner, he invests his shares in a company to get something out of it. Only difference is, he’ll tell you he wants to sign a contract after his tasted the cream. How sad.Infact, its laughable.hahaha.

I mean,thinking about it even makes me think men are foolish. Since I wrote about Ford being a manipulative,finger-itching perv, he called and the drama unfolded. I gave him my Zane’s cd and I was hoping he’d give it back the next day. After all, he still had something of mine,I did’nt want him to feel closer to me in any way. But Ford came to school the next day, and we talked about how much i didn’t like the kiss. I think he found it hard to believe, his ego assumed the best of him. As we were talking Tabz and Comfort passed and Ford asked for their numbers.At that moment I thought ‘wtf…is this dude for real?his tryna get in to my good graces and putting more eggs in his basket.LITERALLY’ I walked off anf Ford followed.

Basically,I laid down the law and as for Ford, he continued playing mind games with my dvd once he realised, I didn’t want to be in his presence.I got so angry, he made up all sorts of excuses to hear me on the phone e.g. he got attacked by 3guys in an alleyway and he forgot my dvd. Today, i got zane’s back. And i didn’t spend a minute talking to Ford, I told him ‘i have no words for him’ and left.

With this said, the victim,is me. A guy like Ford,got what he wanted, my innocence, my vulnerability and a huge swab of my saliva.YUGH! After that, laying down the ground rules was easy. But don’t be like me, be different. Stand and speak out before he gets what he wants.

I listened to the radio and on it this guy was being busted for being with his other woman and having two kids with her by his current wife. He didn’t even apologize on the radio and I thought to myself ‘that’s despicable behaviour!thats a guy who’s got what he wants, and wants more. His not afraid to be manipulative and persuasive, he doesnt want to own up to stealing a huge part of his current wife’s life’. Look at us, were letting them walk all over.

The saying, curiousity killed the cat, comes to mind. But in this case I made a new one. Curiousity strengthened the cat and made him cockier than ever.

What about a guy who really loved you or so to speak, liked you and couldn’t have you. Do you think he’ll give up that easy? No. He’ll spin his web of sympathetic emotions and manly tears so that you will start saying ‘he’ll do anything for me!he loves me’. He wont. His looking for something to either fill his time, or fill his confusion. Because thats what men between the ages of 18 – 36 are, their dependant on a sole factor whether it be emotional dependance on a chic, or dissolving themselves in work. You need strategy and confidance to struggle through this life of man eats man in a beaurocratis society. Wake up. It’s their personal need and solace as well to treat women as a means of solving this desperate confusion in the world of corporate struggles.

So, lets be real.I keep on saying we each live in our personal hells and heavens. You can’t blame men for needing that one girl who likes them and who’s there for them, another who’s down for whatever, another who’s the other sexual intimacies partner, and another for amusement. But lets also be as cautious as they are curious. Don’t think he won’t need more. And don’t think you don’t have the right the ground rules from the get-go. It is our responsibils ladies to accept that everybody needs a bit of down time, but don’t get trivial when it comes to matters of commitment.