Lo que Mas

By Shakira
Cuántas veces nos salvó el pudor
y mis ganas de siempre buscarte?
Pedacito de amor delirante
colgado de tu cuello un sábado de lluvia a las cinco de la tarde
Sabe dios como me cuesta dejarte
y te miro mientras duermes,
mas no voy a despertarte
Es que hoy se me agoto la esperanza
porque con lo que nos queda de nosotros
ya no alcanza

Eres lo que mas he querido en la vida
lo que mas he querido
Eres lo que mas he querido en la vida
lo que mas he querido

Cuántas veces quise hacerlo bien
y pequé por hablar demasiado?
no saber dónde, cómo ni cuándo
Todos estos años caminando juntos
ahora no parecen tantos
sabe dios todo el amor que juramos,
pero hoy ya no es lo mismo, ya no vamos a engañarnos
Es que soy una mujer en el mundo
que hizo todo lo que pudo
no te olvides ni un segundo

Eres lo que mas he querido en la vida
lo que mas he querido
Eres lo que mas he querido en la vida
lo que mas he querido


Don’t think about yesterday’s old news and the party you had where you threw up all over your girlfriend’s new dress. Think about today and what it hold’s.

I may not be an advocate of love and complete hapiness but I know a thing or two about God’s gifts. The mere fact that were lieing in bed, looking out of the windows and observing the dark green freckles on a grevillea tree and the baby blue radiated colour from the Sun’s electromagnetic waves on the sky, tells us that we are fortunate to be on Earth. I drink a hot cup of chocolate every morning, sit in the kitchen and wonder ” where did this day go”. A day has 24 hours and 6 of those precious hours are spent on the rise and setting of the sun.

Sometimes the human race takes for granted the equatorial or mediterannean climate that is part of our earth. We take for granted the soil we step on, or the food we eat. I notice because I recognize that we are the most fortunate species. Were not only put on earth for the productive, sharing and caring objectives that God lays out for us. Were put on earth so that we can preserve the gifts of nature that come with it.

I dare you to wake up and smile and look out of the window to mezmerise at the beauty of the day that life holds for us. There is no sun in coffins, nor is there fresh drizzles of rain upon your cheek in deserts. We experience different things when we come in contact with nature. Mine is the hope of a new day and the foreshadowement of greater things to come. Sometimes it dictates how well I spend my day but the true value and meaning behind the weather, the trees, the smell and sight of earth’s gifts is that they exist to compliment and surround humanity.

I can’t force you to think this way because some people enjoy burning and destroying and shitting on what God has given us. But I dare you to recognize that there is life in earth and it is there to serve these purposes. We are not alone, we are given hope by the natural things that come to life around us.

Letting Go (part 2)

Hear You Me – Jimmy Eats World

Thank you for liberating me,
Freeing me from the clutches of commitment and desperation,
Emancipation of my own heart,
Dance of my spirit,
Dancing round and round,

I’m cured from this disease that has plagued me for 18 years,
Cured from false hopes and lies,
Cured because for the first time,
The dead soul within me cries and is heard by a choir,
A choir in heaven singing,
A choir in heaven rejoicing,

I know you miss me,
But so does the better part of myself,
That never fully was appreciated by you or anyone else,
I want you to smell the smoke,
And my hoarse breathing,
It’s me lighting everything you ever gave me on fire,
I let go with my mind 6 months ago,
I let go with my mind 2 years ago,
I let go with my mind 3 weeks ago,
I let go, but I lied.

This aroma filled with charcoal and destruction is my way,
Of ending my angel’s confinement,
So lost in the idea that I couldn’t get anyone else,
Manipulated by my girlish whims,
Betrayed by the dance of life,
Betrayed by me ego,

I’m taking it all back,
Leaving you behind with nothing,
And letting go,
I forgive you for being the jackass that left me,
You were blinded,
I was blinded,

Super Girl

I would have come back to you,
Dreams like whisps and spirits hanging on,
Dusty path swept underneath me,
Ashes of your shit lieing beneath me,
I’m taking my angel back,
Leaving you with nothing,
Letting go.

From All Good Things BaD tHings Stem

Like a flower attracts ugly,horrid bees. Is the same thing when it comes to my theory.
From all good things, bad things stem
I don’t want to be saddistic or anything but true to the fact, most people can’t help how they do things, what they say and how they think. Love, as i said, is not constant.It changes like our beings, ourselves and we become mirror images of what we never wanted. From love, stems jealousy, betrayel,lust and even,hate.
The world is spinning, thr orb is lingering, the feelings are NOT timeless.

Even education, where one person takes smarts to be an achievment of the highest value others say it could bring about overambition,overconfidence, vanity, boredom and possibly a life full of self-detest. I’m not trying to make you cry, I’m trying to make you realize how important absolution is.
If everything was absolute then there would be no need whatsoever to complain because there would be assurance and certainty over what we believe to be true and what we want to be true. Absolution is neccassary. But we don’t get that and neither do we get that the same girl/guy falling in love with us one day or fucking us cause their our lovers is actually a changing moment.

Socialism, how often do we see our friends come and go because their friendship became a sour betrayel, a painful lust, a daunting love, a fake promise, a distant past…I deleted my friends of facebook, at least most of them, the ones I kenw I wasn’t going to move forward with because it had reached a point where I kenw this friendship was past its due date, and any more perseverance or determination on my part would lead to a bad thing. Steve and I…bad thing. The fine line between being a confidant and being a lover grew so thin I couldn’t even see it. Now, when I talk to him on the phone, all I feel are his words piercing my back and the sadness that our friendship became a relationship in just a mere two months.

From all good things, bad things stem. Success becomes failure. Genious becomes madness. Hapiness becomes sadness. Hugs become punches. Marraige becomes murder. Food becomes leftovers. Alcohol becomes addiction. Sex becomes tiring….
the list is endless.
absolution…remains absolution. How do we gain that?