My brain drives at the possibilities of what was my drug, and what is now the sole fruit of my motivation. It’s not love…it never was.

I begin to not comprehend where I am, I am drowning in this drug of life..this drug that has become my home..

Injected in to my heart, like satan in a little child, I begin to reprimand what I would do if I lost balance,

Torn away from the sole heir of my psychological balance, the plasma that constructed my imagination,

I frightens me and eyes wild as two hares in a headlight, I begin to see the death of my little imagination, my little world dropping,

The bewilderment, the horror!!!the ATROCITY!! how dare thee?!!

don’t let go off me..

hold me…. drug me…

I contemplate craziness as a new opportunity and my sole objective is light the stage and show them how crazy I can be,

The money will flow and the candles will light brighter than ever before, my drug will sit and stare at me,

…with motherly eyes knowing full well that it made me what I am today,

I shall not bow my head nor let go off the GO, the breaking point is only defined by what you make of it,

A pinch of salt there, a sip of my drug here and there is no end, but many beginnings, and many more moments of pleasure,

I endure… I endure to tell you that I am non-accepting of this facsimile farce of society, they are fake and I will make,

A lifelong decision to stick to what I know, drug of mine don’t let me go, let me shine…

Don’t falter because I know you want to!damnnit!!DAMN!!DAMNNNN U!!!I thought we were in this together??!

together forever?…

don’t let me fall…?

Sobriety is a powerful thing and I wish to ALL the gods in this lifetime, grant me this wish of sobriety,

Prosperity and never jealousy, but simplicity of life comes with sobriety,

This drug doesn’t let me fall, you will not let go, let me be my own person and I will join you in another lifetime,

But sobriety, oh sobriety escapes my soul and is frightened as I am…I am frightened of another life outside my drug,

Maintain your eloquence oh, ye, naive dumplings and never shadow your belligerence,

Remain calm and walk in the moonlight of wish and hope, drugs will calm you but destroy, ye innocent souls,

Smash those angry belligerent thoughts and kill your motives, the true motives are never under duress..

Dress those souls in white and walk in the virginal bathtub of heaven, let angels wash your body with l’oil…and le vin.

Catch the drops as they fall from your eyes to the floor, drugs of ours are never pleasures of yours,

Save yourselves..


Save me…
Save me….

Save me before i kil…ki…..kill

Drug, sweet drug, lets cuddle and be the best of friends, because even though I cannot identify the main root of my motivation,

I know that I can be a fly on the wall, a butterfly in a paradise and it’s made possible under the influence,

The simplest invisible hand in my life makes it possible for me to fly up high and not sink down low,

The spirit of my existence has a best friend,

I’m happy because it makes me comprehend that my place is not seated but standing and running full speed ahead to where I want to go,

We all need drugs, I don’t know where I dropped the pill-box in my life,
Ir-removed from my present state of thinking I think beyond what I see,

Will you join me?

My world

In my world Deuces isn't recognized...let the moon pour in to my life

I step out of the shower,

the pitter patter of rain drops fall on the ground,
the pitter patter of rain dribbles down my slopes,

I wonder what life has brought,
The daunting thought of taking another step,

My world is shaking and wobbling like the world is ending,
My world is shaking and sweating like global warming,

The memories are clouds like an overhead sun,
I look to the dry dam,

It stares back with memories of what my world used to be like,
It stares back filled with more than a hundred thoughts of wanting,

The sexual pleasure that fed the soil,
I’ve tried to escape the feeling of desire,

Most of all, the world reconstructs itself and its citizens move house,
Most of all, its frightening to think my world faces a trade off,

Only one can be chosen, lust or extinction?
I stroke the hardening earth,

Feels like ages since Its been watered and cared for,
Feels like jealousy and hunger mixed into one,

Why do the other planets have and i don’t?
The songs in my head are move on and you’ll be fine,

I positively take actions like the leader of a short island,
I negatively scream that I expect results,

The most I can do is build a new city,
I build my city and its full of great wonders,

There’s control, motivation, determination and pain,
There’s over-control, fear, anger and insanity of the mind,

The mayor of my city is my heart,
I walk three steps in the snow,

The guy holding his girl by the shoulder frightens and thrills me,
The guy holding his girl moves me and tempts me to limits,

The world is under attack!
Bring yourself to composure and don’t care,

Nick said I should’nt care because it’s not worth caring about,
He said its not going to hurt, lets make birds fly and grass green,

Pouring myself into something, using a jug,
I click three buttons,

Technology is famous all over the world,
Technology allows us to connect to the most perverse things ever,

Technology is better than manmade rivers..
Brilliant white light is that you calling?

I walk into the light waiting to greet it and pick a letter,
The mail always comes in but never stays for long in the world,

Constitution of my soul revived and inspired,
By bright lights of the holy spirit,
Building the castles now,

Cold chill freezing the beauty all around,
Cold chill hiding the sweetest girl around,

Animals in hibernation and waiting to eat,
The food of my eyes yet to be harvested,

Patience is important in forming beautiful cities,
Lets not let the old pipes burst under with impatience,

Closing the gates and using my hands,
Building this city with nothing but a plan,


The feeling makes me want to shake,
I’m losing – my brakes,
Dont make me think about the consequences,
Just placate – placate me

Can’t really understand you now
Dont cry – just leave me
I hate you and I hate everything about you now,
Dont know – what the deal is
Im down
Look in the mirror can't stop the girl,
Spinning in – her own world
Anger boiling and thats the fucking problem with,
The world – today

I don’t want to argue with you now
Smash – your teeth in
Anger sizzling I can’t hear a sound because you’re,
Muscling – In
I’m down

Just wanna store the bodies in the ground and shhhhhh…
Shut – up
I don’t miss you, I don’t love you, don’t wanna hear a sound
Shut – up

The darkness calls, its mine forever don’t tear me away,
Rip – your heart out
I don’t really care what those people say,
Don’t care – about povert – y
I’m down