Hyped up on an all- black coffee, no cream or sugar I am inflammable,
I am thinking big picture, big Apple, unstoppable,
From the beat of my heart to the glint in my eye the world pours over,
I feel crazed, like a wild animal, in the jungle, unstoppable,
Words play lightly on dancing finger tips and I watch these academics,
I am intelligent and think many things of the future,
Eating pizza, observing as the sweet olives melt away on grated Parmesan cheese,
I feel cultured, understanding the accuracy of tradition and the brilliance of time,
The passage of time is beneath us, I stand on cracks of earth whence one day in this earth America declared its independence,
I am patriotic but vigilant in my support of the constitution, the words,
Worsened by an ill economy but still bearing the symbol of religious African history,
I flock Ethiopia, I visit Kenya, I sleep in New York
More often than not I question the people’s who globalize,
Why not centralize? I am baffled by ignorance, I surrender to innocence, if we have the means- where are the ways?
Staring out into the wide expanse of fluffy clouds and the world beneath,
I figure out the meaning of a life well spent in a global village,
I ponder over the thought of my existence in a mix of eccentricity and freedom,
I fumble my way across nothingness,
For what little steps we take to change the planet when bigger strides are taken collectively,
My voice is heard like tiny whispers in a small village