Hyped up on an all- black coffee, no cream or sugar I am inflammable,
I am thinking big picture, big Apple, unstoppable,
From the beat of my heart to the glint in my eye the world pours over,
I feel crazed, like a wild animal, in the jungle, unstoppable,
Words play lightly on dancing finger tips and I watch these academics,
I am intelligent and think many things of the future,
Eating pizza, observing as the sweet olives melt away on grated Parmesan cheese,
I feel cultured, understanding the accuracy of tradition and the brilliance of time,
The passage of time is beneath us, I stand on cracks of earth whence one day in this earth America declared its independence,
I am patriotic but vigilant in my support of the constitution, the words,
Worsened by an ill economy but still bearing the symbol of religious African history,
I flock Ethiopia, I visit Kenya, I sleep in New York
More often than not I question the people’s who globalize,
Why not centralize? I am baffled by ignorance, I surrender to innocence, if we have the means- where are the ways?
Staring out into the wide expanse of fluffy clouds and the world beneath,
I figure out the meaning of a life well spent in a global village,
I ponder over the thought of my existence in a mix of eccentricity and freedom,
I fumble my way across nothingness,
For what little steps we take to change the planet when bigger strides are taken collectively,
My voice is heard like tiny whispers in a small village


Seduction 1-0-?

When I think of temptation- two words come to mind: bliss and freedom. Why? Because as much as the human mind hates to admit it submitting to temptation is the lack of saying no to your inner logic.

Over the past lets say… Semi- odd weeks I have been fighting my own temptations and the worst of its kind too! ! ! Seduction ladies and gentlemen. It’s not wrong it’s simply enjoyable, fruitful and fun but is it worth it? When you think of who & what actions led you to be seduced by another it all boils down to- was it god damn worth it?

I’m only 20 see, so don’t get it twisted. I’ve lived an eighth of life and I’m not about to say I know all the answers to this never ending story of suspense. What I will say however, is that worth comes in different fractions and indifferent ways. Depending on who you are. Now ladies, I am not gonna super impose myself on you and men, this isn’t an over generalization. This is what I expect.

I expect to not be a booty call even though I’m the one doing the booty calling. Haha! I want a man to understand that even though his getting my pussy it doesn’t give him the right to say “hasta la vista babe” me! That is just plain wrong. I’m not saying start getting married to me and my vagina but frankly speaking, please have the common decency to express some interest in me the morning after.


And last but not least, if the guidelines of your pleasant hook up haven’t been stipulated and you still want to “figure” it out then please don’t let me be the only one hallarin at your ass the day after!

Girls.. They say we ask for too much but we don’t. I can’t be tempted by a guy who makes me feel as though I’m the only one whose interested in keeping our little conversations going. Ok, im attracted to you and enjoy ..hmmm.. whats the word flirting with you but please STOP using the “call me, maybe” line!! the days of being coy are OveR. say what you mean and do what you say!

I dont need a seducer Who shares close to a little enthusiasm in speaking to me compared to the extent of “how r you’s” and “how was it’s” and “good mornings” I’ve thrown around. So I quit the lying act.. Lying to myself that what I have with my temptation is more than just what it should be. Because it shouldn’t be that and I never wanted it to be. Oh but I did love the attention… I still do