A place of mine own

A place of mine own that I can call my own,
A little place far from the realities of jealousy and betrayal,
Far from it all, in the middle of what I consider,
I consider a place of mine own to be.

Grapevines hanging and trees willow,
A golden throne for me and a red carpet singing welcome,
A new ride, a brick built mansion full of denim,
I would have lots of denim and my life would be complete,

A place of mine own doesn’t have to be anything,
Because anything is to specific and something is everything,
Now I feel that my everything is the only thing I can call my own,
I can swim in a place of mine own,

A huge cheque and a beautiful wife,
Lots of trucks full of candy and the sweetness of life,
My choice is my rule, a kingdom built in my honor,
I carry my choice in my cross and I never regret the profits,

A place of my own is different because its special,
I lay my ground and I expect the best results,
I score a test and I want A-grade results,
I want this place to be everything I envisioned for it.

I step without fear and dance with no steps,
I light fire in my path and my glare is the grace of gods landing upon human eyes,
A place of mine own is more than a human body,
A place of mine own is a human army,

I recreate, soldiers of war,
Give them guns and make them roar,
Plant them in my life and protect this sacred life,
Spin my web and lead as one where there’s supposed to be one.

I live a miraculous life andI am young at heart,
My chest beats with possibilities and the throbbing drives like drills,
The core is almost broken, escape of my soul,
A place of mine own without a leader, just an army

SeX DrEam No. 2

How often do u get the chance to shag your sister and her hot cousin in a dream?never..
So today, I dreamt of an amazing scenario and it played out perfectly in my head..

My sister and I were cleaning our rooms and our parents had left us alone. We both went downstairs to cook some lunch and my sister spilled some sauce on her breast..i was so excited by this i had to lick it off. It caught her by surprise And it did for me too. How could this be?Was there something amazingly wrong with me?was I attracted to my sister? All questions aside I loved the way her breasts tasted and i wanted more. I slid my hands under her top, unhooked her bra and licked those nipples, nice and slowwwly…

It felt real good, especially since she removed her top and loosened the pony tails on our heads. I licked n bit her tits as she got so wet and started fingering herself…

Oh,this was getting good,i lifted my top n let her lick my nipples as i rubbed her clit with her n squeezed her ass with my other hand.

The doorbell rang!who could it be?our cousin…we couldn’t help but open the door butt naked, giggling. She immediately understood what was going on and joined us by taking off her top and putting a strap on and doing us from the back…my sister screamed as her ass was fucked and i rubbed her clit and kissed her face…we were pleasuring her and she was so wet and so wanted it..

We did the strangest thing, we made lunch, all 3of us, naked, and ate it off eachothers bodies on top of the kitchen table. a few chips on my cousins pussy and i was eating it up…

What a lovely dream..