thErE arE no innEr circlEs

I find myself emptied off cognition,
I can barely understand,
These fuckin people try to run circles around me,
Do they think I can understand,

My brain has been functioning in locomotion,
Unfortunately the worst is yet to bare,
I feel a great burden lieing over me and the feeling makes me want to swear,
Unfortunately the worst is yet to bare,

Circumpants are like inner circles that sleep so silent,
A central thought within my head rings in alarm,
My friends are all I’ve got but are they really?
I feel like the alarm’s ringing’s in my head,

A chasm I try to avoid a point of violence,
My mad mind says “fuck u bitch I don’t care”,
The outer circles rotting and the inner ones nearly forgotten,
My mad mind wants to say “fuck you in your head”

I seem to have forgotten who my friends are,
Maybe that’s because their not like me,
A future friend indeed you are but will you stay? Oh no you won’t!
Indeed, maybe that’s because their not like me,

I ring, I text, I pout, I’m full of communication,
My relations think I’m nuts because it won’t stop,
But what’s a life without a little communication to drive the circumpants to their circles?
I beg to differ with my relations who think I’m nuts,

Like humans with no legs and monkeys appendix,
The screeching halt of avoidance comes to an end,
I beg to differ I am a little sad about this,
But my end would be avoided even if I was dead,

My inner circles change like rainbows on crack,
Simple things seem to me sort of wack!
But the great thing about this point of intimidation is that I can experiment,
Complex things mixed with colors are not so wack,

Blushing bride I wish there was a one in my world,
I’d be the bride n they’d sit and watch as I grow happy,
Miracle coming from a nowhere land of zion,
I hope the bride in me can grow happy, spunky, and back.

My inner circles grow like deep vines deep within me,
I’m tempted to control and yet dissolve,
Great things happen when you leave yourself to ponder and decide,
This game is wack, ill find a middle where I belong