World of Immigrants

My eyes are welling up with tears,
Nobody to screen this pain,
The marching dog and razor gun gnawing at my senses,
I feel a pain deep within why won’t it stop?

Why are you people all so damn complaining,
When tears roll down eyes which black in fear,
Looking back I see the deep misconception about my world,
I’m freely thinking maybe we all like to fuck one-selves,

My eyes are hurting, his eyes are dead, her eyes are swollen with a nuclear bomb red,
Fading in the timeless world of people,
The earth spins 24-7 and you want Krispy Kreme doughnuts?!
fuck you and your doughnuts there’s no doughnuts where i live,
I can barely come from what I was eating,
I live non freely like I’m trapped between a visa,

My paper, is filled with later’s and maybe later’s can remedy my pain,
My mum and sister, let’s not even talk,
Break the bounds of your ego and reduce that contemporary evil,
Kim Kardashian who is she? but a mere blonde with black hair??
I’m fucking serious, do I care?

Tie’s and dyes like little lies we hope to share with ourselves,
To hope and pray that maybe today we’ll find a necessary method to get along,
I only pray, as i struggle day to day with my day to day duties, a wile away,
only pondering over thoughts that maybe the way forward would be integration,
but how can you integrate and not participate in bloody murder,

My eyes are filled with deep despair and as I wait i sink inside myself,
nObody to screen this pain,
fill this void,
rid this anxiety and walk me down the freedom aisle,

A mile short, a day long, a minute sustained in to an hour, time is of importance, it is ill
I have all that my fellow immigrants have and a world we can fully conceptualize together,
A world of difference you don’t care to see,
but maybe I will lightly put it this way,
A world like this is what we see.


Whats puzzling is that I don’t advise anybody to pull down the final curtain on any idea or belief they may have. What’s the use in saying something won’t happen if you haven’t even tried it. So when I’m asked if I believe something is going to last, I say “I pray it does” because even though I know that the fate of whatever object, subject, instance or relationship might be bad, it doesn’t make it ok to call out something that hasn’t proven itself..

I believe in free choice and the bloom of something you work for might come to light..just might if you try.
It’s all about what you want out of life.

Fuck spirituality.

Everybody over rates it. i looked up the meaning of spirituality the other day and I couldn’t believe how vague it was. a place in which one feels a profound sense of belonging Guess what? I don’t want to be obi-wan-ka-no-B. I want to be dramasque. I wake up in the morning forcing myself not to think that the expected might not come true because I am giving myself a chance to move without paying attention to the irritating banners on my forehead.

People will tell you you can’t make it, they will tell you YOU WON’T MAKE IT and they will even tell you YOU ARE CRAZY, YOU HAVE A LOOSE GRIP ON REALITY, YOU NEED TO GROW UP THEN YOU WILL LEARN.

no, the world knows the same thing, just different authors wrote it for each of us. I believe in going forward for the one thing that makes sense to you.
I LOVE THEATREnobody will stop me or pull down the curtains.

Fuck spirituality..big word, lots of vowels but not a whole lot of meat when it comes to reality. My reality is believing I can do what I want, and doing it.


I think I’m the happiest person on earth because I never gave up. Most people would have cried and stormed off, gone in to drugs and sex scandals but I stuck it out for a future I knew i’d have. I’ve just been accepted to the University Within officially and I just recieved my admissions packet. Vatti grabbed my and nuggy’d my head like I was some kind of mangy chihauhau, but the point is, I’m going, I;m finally leaving the Isle of Corruption and moving on to freedom, to peace.

All Vatti has to do is sort out his papers, of which he threatens he wont put the other haf a mill in the bank account due to lack of senses. I’ll kill him if he ruins this for me.

I arose above and beyond my social and acedemic hurdles in life. I cried endlessly and lost faith in God and myself, hated the world and didn’t understand a thing.
You see the thing about arising is that you seek understanding of what just hapenned, like you’ve been awoken froma deep sleep and now u finally get why life is as complicated and befuddling as it is. Arising is having faith that there’s more to life then today. Arising is putting aside angry temperaments, being calm,dealing with the obstacles in your path.

You are the shield against all blackness that crosses your path, the light that shines faith on human existance. We believe in ourselves and one another because it makes us one. The truth of our existence as human beings becomes a reality, we are stronger beings, in nature, character and spiritual elemants.

Arise and be..all that you’ll be, all that you’ll be
Arise and be…all of your dreams, all that you dream.

Arise and be, all that u dream, all that u dream.
See past the fakeness and the seams,
Stand up and be the best you can be,
Love is never far or easy,
Fight and be happy because thats what u deserve,
A glimmer of oppurtunity is what you observe,
See past the difficulties and into the picture,
The successfull picture of how you’ll be hurt no longer.