Sex Dream A

In this part of my life I like the way he rolls his tongue against my labia. 

Fully explanatory. but needing the insides of my coiled senses even more.

I know I want him…


licking my asshole was interesting he dipped and dove. Was enthusiastic about everything

the thought of not seeing me again must have triggered some sensual fire. 

Lit and burning bright like the tip of his dick. 

I responded with as much ecstasy as i could muster. No, it wasn’t enjoyable




Hoping that my head won’t turn to that sweet rhyme he plays,

He plays so sweet make me wanna drink that blood red,

That Blood red orange juice so good on my lips,

My lips burning for some more of anything that involves him,

Loving him is sin and repeating what I think is ill

My Perfect Man

The Perfact Man has come into my Life and he is waiting,

He is absolutely.. Fantasmagorically, Sponataneousely..beseeching me to come into his life and fill him with love and happiness.

The Perfect Man has also stated that he will not settle for less,

Cause he wants the best of the best, twice better than the rest, lest he be angry..but he is urging me not to fall below his expectations and I shall not.


The Perfect Man has beguiled me to listen and understand,

Filling me up with empathy and wisdom, so much so I can’t comprehend how big his heart is. His heart is big

and the Perfect Man loves me long time for 4 years,

He knocks on my door and cries, for 4 years he equates to my demise and bring me from misery to not so miserable in only a matter of minutes.

Does a Perfect World exist for this Perfect Man?

Impossible as it might seem, Incongrous to the human eye, Floundering on the doorsteps of heaven, embedded in blankets of gold, embroidered with iron clad, his world is a choice.

I wish to make a perfect choice..I wish to be where he is..

Nobody is perfect but he is perfect in my eyes,

and to the surprise of the public he flies, sours high in to the skies above all of your a fawn coming to rescue me from this not-so-perfect-life.


If I were your chic

If I were your chic,

I would look,

Inside the book,

That holds the treasures,

Through the weathers,

We have whethered,

If I were your chic,

I’d flick that dick,

Make you my trick,

Just for a bit,

Till I can sit,

Beside you through the minutes,

that slowly we can’t resist,

your touch has been missed,

If i were your chic,

I’d make certain that,

Whatever shit hit the fan,

I got your through then,

And the nows and the whens,

i got you through them,

If I were your chic,

I’d ride you right in,

To my den of lovin’,

So we can push and shove in,

The fuckin’ would insue therein,

If I were your chic,

A text would blink,

mornin’-noon-night think,

Calling would be the link,

Binding us till we come together,

Make dreams together,

Fullfill the greater,

Parts of ourselves wherever,

We are..If i were your chic,

I’d be your’d be my it,

Through and through it,

It would be amazing.

Italian New York’n Accent’s


“After my session, she came over
I was aggressive, and she was sober
I gave her pills
She started confessing and started undressing
And ask me to hold her
And so I did, but that was last month
And now she’s texting me, asking for closure
Damn”- Weezy aka Lil Wayne ft. Drake – HYFR

I feel like Weezy spoke it loud and clear when he said those lines. I don’t actually need a guy like that in my life but seem to be attracted to that type all the time. This statement reminds me about how bad, ruthless, and wrong it is to want something so wrong for myself. I’ve lived a life of limits and continue to limit my needs because hell, we all can’t get what we want right?

ImageI keep thinking about him and my mind goes into overdrive as I think about those Italian New York’n accent’s that drive me insane, wind my brain out and warm me up then down. I think their seductive and indelectible, why? I don’t know. Say canoli next to me and I’ll go crazy. I feel like I’m floating up to the moon.. and when I think of him, those thoughts never leave my mind.


How can I escape it? How can I escape the douche bag guy I’m attracted to? I do nothing but wander off in my mind until something or rather, someone better comes along. Mike has been gone for 5 months and I am STARVED of affection. You wanna talk about running dry? I’m running low on every semblance of seduction, sexual addicition you can think of.. the one thing that lifts my spirits is hearing those accents, thinking about them.. it gives me hope of the douchebag guy that in my a manifestation of a strong, bad ass of a man. WHY? I have no fucking idea.


You ever find yourself needing something thats so bad for you? Like a drug, like cocaine?

Maybe I should start taking cocaine.. that makes people forget the pain, the hunger, the just numbs up the whole fucking house as a whole. My head’s spinning cause crazy thought of the day is..maybe I should be with someone who has an italian, new york’n accent.. someone who reminds me of the large city lights – bright glare of the deli signs – taxi horns – walking fast – pizza – tough exterior that is never broken down by anything.. 


I am against all odds in this game of relationships and suddenly I feel lost. I love Mike, I need him to come back so I don’t need to NEED New York nor the flashing lights nor the Italian fever boiling up within me.. I need someone to take the fantasy away and make a fantasy with me IN IT. My head’s spinning again.. how long is this going to go on for?