MUtti’s Box
I wanted the theme of the box to be african because Mutti likes african gear(god knows why). So i selected bead colour’s at the market like browns, golds, greens, yellows, and bronze’s.

The box was an ordinary filing box painted orange by the initial manufacturer. I painted it black for the colours/shine of the plastic beads to stand out. Finally after letting it dry for one day, I started threading beads on twine aka thin thread by first hooking the twine with a needle and inserting beads through the needle. It was easy, fast and effective.

I managed to thread all the beads, with random colors of brown, bronze and gold. However after doing the sides, in straight parellel lines. The cover of the box needed to be decorated and fast! So I applied some glue ina circle and sprinkled the beads decoratively around to make a shape similar to a treet in a garden, a wild garden. If you see there I have used dark green's neon yellow's and, the same brown I used for the sides, for the tree. Sprinkling is easy, it takes less time and less efort. But you need to be precise If you want to get the pattern right and the glue you should use is OFFICE GLUE.

Ok, i dont think I mentioned this earlier but along with buying coloured plastic beads I also purchased small size shapes to accentuate the theme of the box. If you notice in step two above, I bought golden leaves which do well in emphasizing that that's a tree! Ok, so I basically got done with the scattering method of beading in the circle and continued on with my parallel lined beads. However since this was the front cover of the box I combined the browns and bronze's with silver metallic looking circular shapes which were heavy. But albiet, they were very pretty when stuck, it brought out a random feel and was very natural for the look. The black background did well to complement all these different colours and shapes.

I honestly think I did well in buying shapes because they stood out. I took this photo using a sepia tint lens to show how the sun would hit the box and the colours of metal and gold and brown bring out a wonderful african theme! One thing to remember with beading is consistency. My beads were random but my style of beading was consistent. I decided to do parallel lines for the edges and front cover, despite the beaded circle I made sure that on both sides as I ascended to bead upwards I created assymetric lines, like they were adjoining but in reality I was beading short strings of twine mixed with small metallic shapes, then pasting them on to the box.

voila!! See, my consistency in pasting the short threaded twine strings parellel to eachother making them look like their adjoining on both sides of the circle creates some beautiful mezmerising pattern to look at! And as you can see, I only adorned the front because too many colours and shapes everywhere might overwhelm the look and destroy the purpose of the box(to be a box!)

Ok, you all were thinking that's the end. five steps huh? Not exactly. The tough part about making a functioning piece of art is that you have to finish it well so that the user gets the desirable effect intended. Mutti would obviously be putting her jewellary inside the box so i made sure i gave the workers a task of stitching fabrics together (that I selected) to line the inside of the box with. The fabrics of the interior must coincide or relate to the exteriors colours. So I was fortunate enough to find some gold shear material with a bronze background and a light green polysterene material which i stitched with an overlay of gold. So the interior of the box is basically goldish with tints. cute huh? It's held up with glue(office glue) the same one i recommend for scattering the beads in step three.

I took a close up of te finishing of the front cover. I had some lose stings of twine hanging out at the ends so I cut them. As you can see the final cover looks perfect because i used a variation of big metal shapes and small ones to accentuate the story behind the tree, african wilderness beaded circle. Also, as you can see, the "MUM" sign was beaded in green italics, but because i re-applied some beads to make the colours pop out (adding more slue and pouring more beads on top) the sign started getting swallowed. I emphasized it by applying metallic small and big shapes over the sign..

There you have it people, Mutti’s box. Even though she ordered for a new one regardeless of my hard work :-D. have any questions feel free to comment



This art means alot to me…so I thought Id put it here..


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