About Drama


A page all about me!I’m flattered.
Ok, what do I ahve to say about myself, I’m basically a nut job,hahaha!Ok, a really sweet version of a nutjob.
I was born in the Isle of Corruption, district Stuck-Up and I am 18 years of age, going to the tender age of 19 next year-July 2nd.
Where are my thoughts when I need them…ah!yes!I’m basically finished with school, I cleared this year of 2010, been bumming, waiting for Uni.
I can’t wait!
Considering the fact, that on a scale of 1-10 I have as many emotions as a whole soap opera, a lot goes on in my life that many or very little people know about.
My parents Mutti and Vatti spend their lives working on my life, protecting me and such. It’s quite distressing and as far as being a teenage daughter goes I’ve made their lives miserable.
wait..am i still a teenager???..sheit!
Basically, I’ve had many relationships as well, don’t worry I’m not the slut of slut city but I’m a dreamer, a lover and an advocater of affection.hehe..that sounded really good in my head šŸ™‚
I hope you know by now that I need this, this writing thing, I need it bad.Because contrary to the perfect Princess life I’ve been brought up to live.I’m actually really confused. Who am i?What am i doing?Who am i?
yeh, repeating that last question was on purpose.

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    12 responses to “About Drama

    1. Arnez ⋅

      That was a beautiful self analysis!u make me want to have my own blog!!;-) ROCK ON DEAR!

    2. Dramasque Diva ⋅

      thankyou arnez!!aka Thor.hehe
      Maybe ill write a poem about you sometime

    3. malvin ⋅

      if u nt our present cinderella.. I wuld pasonaly hung maslf wid a chewn gum.. so i knw wat that meks u.. am glad wid wat u hv startd hia dia

    4. malvin ⋅

      hw culd i nt hv grwn wid thea strybuk 4rm a tolda 2 ma early teenage

    5. Yujoemych aka Mouseclick ⋅

      Considering the fact, that on a
      scale of 1-10 you have as many
      emotions as a whole soap opera! Hehe…that sure did make me laugh.

      • well,its the truth and u know it. But me and my emotions can be contained ..all with the help of some peace of mind šŸ˜€
        Thanks for commenting. I now have confidence u’ll be by my side.hehe

    6. hehee….by your side….i wish

    7. tyka

      Hello there (I can’t your name :D), sorry – was supposed to give the link to my english-written blog. If you click my link, you will be directed to it. Have a nice weekend šŸ™‚

    8. Jim

      mmmmmmh!!!! Cant wait for more…

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