If I were your chic

If I were your chic,

I would look,

Inside the book,

That holds the treasures,

Through the weathers,

We have whethered,

If I were your chic,

I’d flick that dick,

Make you my trick,

Just for a bit,

Till I can sit,

Beside you through the minutes,

that slowly we can’t resist,

your touch has been missed,

If i were your chic,

I’d make certain that,

Whatever shit hit the fan,

I got your through then,

And the nows and the whens,

i got you through them,

If I were your chic,

I’d ride you right in,

To my den of lovin’,

So we can push and shove in,

The fuckin’ would insue therein,

If I were your chic,

A text would blink,

mornin’-noon-night think,

Calling would be the link,

Binding us till we come together,

Make dreams together,

Fullfill the greater,

Parts of ourselves wherever,

We are..If i were your chic,

I’d be your it..you’d be my it,

Through and through it,

It would be amazing.

Poetic bluntness

I thought I could seduce him,
I need to seduce him,
For reusing him,
Has become a compulsion in him,
To be what I thinkin’
To be what i’z be doin,
To be what I want from him,
It worked for two,
It worked for who,
Had set forth on that pussy train and blanked,

Now Im lost,
Lovin what I don’t have,
That’s just the way it is..
Things will never be the same,

To lazy to care