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NevEr FreE

Never Free,
It cannot be,
My destiny was never free,
A bud in shell,
A girl in hell,
Lose in Thought,
And always thought to,
Have been caught,
As never free,
I cry awake,
And even sleep,
Can never meet,
These eyes so meek,
Full of pain,
Lost in vain,
Deep disdain,
iNfantile belief,
Serious question about why I ponder over this here mental station,
And life buzzes me to reality and never free to fully be,
Beautiful butterfly meets jagged edge and swirvy lanes,
Always trapped in inevitable sentence of life and crucifix death seems like luxurious honor for sacrifice that has been met,
Never free,
To fully be,
A part of some thing,
I seek things,
Like love cradle bug,
Midnight Oil,
Lavender scent upon,
Mistle-toe lane,
But cruel life and its mother steals from girlies drawers and then some,
No pun intended hun your just dynamite and a piece of ass hun,
Can’t believe,
This Destiny.


About Dramasque Diva

Hi I'm Dramasque Diva. My blog is all about what is in my head. My blog name is Dramastrois after the 3 personalities I assume on a daily basis. Dramasque's 3(trois is french for 3). I usually write really random stuff, some of those include poems, stories, sex stories even.. lol. I have a combination of stuff on my blog. so by all means, come and check it out if you're interested n what goes on in my head!!

One response to “NevEr FreE

  1. dieta

    One word derivative of “fate” is “fatality”, another ” fatalism “. Fate implies no choice, and ends fatally, with a death. Fate is an outcome determined by an outside agency acting upon a person or entity; but with destiny the entity is participating in achieving an outcome that is directly related to itself. Participation happens willfully.

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