I begged you to stay on my side of the boat,
Stay afloat on this river straight and don’t give up,
But the point of no return was when you said you would burn,
I could not turn from understanding what you were saying,
To understanding what I wanted you to say,
Yet staying was the absolute bliss of knowing that you were here with me,
To see your face right next to me was a confirmation,
Like a proclamation of my love for you I was there,
And you were there too, like right there … two steps away in fact,
But the facts lead to something I can’t procure,
How this love so pure could get to a point of no return.


I don’t know how the process works and my knowledge is blunt,
But when you smoked that blunt I immediately became stunned,
By the joint effect of betrayal and shock mixed in to one,
But hun I just want to state that that wasn’t the point of no return,
This shit got run by the effect such a small drop had,
This may be sad but a drop of truth can make you mad,
Lead you to a place that’s bad enough that you can’t even go yourself anymore,
And yet the whores persistently go there and it’s fun for them cause,
Their fuzz is constantly vacuumed 24 hour-urzz and I,
By and by keep thinking let these bygones be bygones and accept the reality of desire,
But like the miser I’m limited by my wiser side and i can’t,
Combat the feeling of fight or flight

I’ll never understand how we can die slow deaths and kiss our hell’s goodbye,
But isn’t the earth like a sky so high just dropping us like flies from above,
I can see how you would want to love the fact that you hate this place,
But let’s face the fact that I’m here I love you why can’t we retrace our steps,
And let’s put this all behind us and have some sex maybe even move on,
but i was wrong the point of no return is here and even though I can’t let go,
I’ll slowly get to know the reasons why you had to say goodbye to me,
It’s animosity and cruelty but who am I to judge the bucket has been kicked,
And the fire has lit been lit and,
Maybe I can sit down and take in every bit of your resignation,
Your decline to be mine forever because loosing you is fine,
Your hell is over and so is mine,
Let’s embrace the point of no return and say fuck time.