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Wishing for a Miracle

Sometimes i look up at the heavens and I pray to my guardian angel,
Protect me, help me, show me the way,
I wish upon a star and hope that my wish travels through that right angle,
Protect me, save me, save me like night light don’t leave me,
blessings upon my heart I feel the warmth of love creep upon me,
I fully, truly, believe that I can be holy,
Cause today’s just another day I wish upon a miracle for something more,
I seriously, really, totally want this in my life,
So with this pride I watch the times as they pass me by and keep my wish,
In my mind, for the time, when i will find,
A moment where I can truly be blessed with the presence of an angel to tell my story,
like a kind, of glorious journey I have in mind,
But this story isn’t only something I should let her know because it’s never the same story when I tell it so,
I want the world to know, it’s difficult, to express my soul,
So maybe one day that ballerina will stop spinning and I’ll relinquish a peace of time,
I had, in my head, what was said, is completely dead, at this said,
Time is but a keepsake and the ashes are fully blowing in the wind but when she stops,
I will feel sad, over lost time that I had, I can’t get mad,
Because not all wishes come true, not all journeys are fulfilled but wishing on this miracle,
Is like a last bid, forc-ed, on myself so I can rid, amidst,
All this hurt and suffering a deep darkening in my soul I’ve always had about the,
Past, that was last, summer past, it was a blast, but it went fast,
O so fast and now i don’t know why it’s stain sticks to the walls in my mind but it won’t,
wash off, and i want to say this is enough, no more stuff,
to tell but I know if I stop wishing, speaking, dreaming of a day when I can spin,
so freely, like a birdy, in the airy, fluffy, skies bluesy,
I will never be happy knowing I can’t turn to my guardian angel, wherever she is and wish for a miracle.


2 responses to “Wishing for a Miracle

  1. I really like this line “So maybe one day that ballerina will stop spinning and I’ll relinquish a peace of time” the adaption of a spinning obsessed ballerina as a picture of inner turmoil is brilliant.

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