I Am – What Made Me(for the people who fought, struggled, and lost the brave war against HIV/AIDS)

I am – an independent senoirita.
I am – the predecessor of my own fame
I am – mighteous, promiscuous, alive
I am – insane and risktaking
I am – full of thunder and might
I am – powerful and invigorating
I am – electrifying and liberating
I am – straightforward
I am – the heart that breathes inside you
I am – the mind that thinks with no bounds
I am – the never ending flow of ideas
I am – the calm
I am – the still
I am – the rich
I am – the poor
I am – the worst person to ever abuse
I am – fiesty, in control, of my own
I am – living
I am – seductive
I am – repulsive
I am – gentle
I am – violent
I am – more mature than all my friends
I am – less able to handle myself
I am – critical of my own mistakes
I am – easygoing and so are my friends
I am – a social butterfly
I am – the wizard of oz
I am – the mad scientist
I am – an awesome cook
I am – every mans fantasy
I am – every womans dream
I am – smart as an engineer
I am – as dumb as two bums could be
I am – pure as a virgins white
I am – killer with my point blank stare
I am – dangerous so don’t mess with me
I am – weak when it comes to love
I am – strong when it comes to family
I am – diagnosed with HIV
I am – living life as normal as can be
I am – protective over all my possessions
I am – counting the days as they go by
I am – living life one day at a time
I am – looking out of the window thinking
I am – whatever I want to be
I am – not what you see in me
I am – definitely the product of my own destiny
I am – the creator of who I want to be