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K for killed by KiSs, K for Kould you Kindly Kall me

The alphabet is a marvelous thing and for some reason what’s in a name bothers me so. Whats with people who get attracted by a certain type of person with similar features from all those they were attracted to. I’m attracted to people with the letter of K in their name. What might you be attracted to?
Whats in a name? What is the significance of some letters in your name that play a huge part in the personality you assume? The scale I wanna provide for you at the bottom is for the purpose of seeing if any of it fits with your personality.

Letter A

Letter B

Letter C

Letter D

Letter E

Letter F

Letter G

Letter H

Letter I

Letter J

Letter K

Letter L

Letter M

Letter N

Letter O

Letter P

Letter Q

Letter R

Letter S

Letter T

Letter U

Letter V

Letter W

Letter X

Letter Y

Letter Z


About Dramasque Diva

Hi I'm Dramasque Diva. My blog is all about what is in my head. My blog name is Dramastrois after the 3 personalities I assume on a daily basis. Dramasque's 3(trois is french for 3). I usually write really random stuff, some of those include poems, stories, sex stories even.. lol. I have a combination of stuff on my blog. so by all means, come and check it out if you're interested n what goes on in my head!!

One response to “K for killed by KiSs, K for Kould you Kindly Kall me

  1. Malvin ⋅

    I dnt thnk ts the letter in the name.. Bt the letter in the personality tht gets me attractd 2 pple.. Misn u

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