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As i sit here at the Hartford Station I realize just how many different people there are in our universe but they all seem to fit a particular stereotype that I knew when I was a child. Ok, look around, there must be somebody who looks slightly out of their own prejudice. Come on people!show me your diversity!

Sadly, the truth bites like a mosquito that bit me yesterday. Only this time instead of pity I laughed inwardly and uttered a low giggle at the “typical”-ness of the situation.

I sipped my hot chocolate and glanced at the girl who sat next to me on the train ride to the District of Houses, there she was, with her baby in the small carry-weight-thing(god knows what that thing is). She looked to be about the same age she was when I was seated next to her 2 days ago- tender, innocent, 12yrs old. However, she didn’t have her thumb tucked in her mouth, she was listening to some lullaby’s. haha! Where did she get the money? the shocking reality was nothing compared to the image exuded by this underage mother, full of mistakes. Mind you, she didn’t look me in the eye, but I know she noticed the judgement pass across my face. pOOR GIRL, Crazy world.

I turned my attention to the lady with hot chocolate, was she still screaming for people to buy more hot chocolate?! What in the world is up with this woman?! Well, I got my fair share of Dunken. In the line, a healthy variation of people from different ethnic backgrounds namely White old-American man, two African American men, a hispanic man and a middleaged woman. don’t worry, they were all served. But what was interesting was the way they ordered their coffee’s from this Dunken lady(I’ve settled on calling her the Dunken lady. YO!YOU!DUNKEN LADY-PERSON..)The old man started to flirt and pick his choice with such caution you’d almost think he was picking his favorite coffin. The two afro-americans men each said their fair share of words to the young lady “hey how you darlin’?!still got that fine ass walking the streets of hartford single?” “you a man huh joe(joe is such a stereotypical black male name)?!”.Could they be any more masculine and proud to be. Infact, at the rate the conversation was going I thought “joe” was going to hump the dunken doghnuts(due to the fact that it would have looked quite embaressing breaking a wall of glass to get to the Dunken lady, you see my logic here???)

And so we have the usual other suspects, the hispanic man walks up all in black and his size(however revealing it is) can be seen through all that clothing. Did he really think that by wearing shit-loads of black people would not notice that he is, in fact, a small mexican man. HAHAHAHAHA! small mexican getting doughnut. The middle aged woman stuck to her guns and never eluded to the fact that she was really conscious of her weight and her mind was going through a whirlwind thinking of what to get from the selection of fatty delicacies in the counter.And she thought we didn’t notice?!!the little devil,ha!hehe.

The great thing about this visual expedition was that I got to get a nice glimpse of people from South America. Woe is me, two big girls walked into the station in finger length denim skirts and tight white tanktops, not to mention the 5 layers of fat that walked in with each of them. It made me seriously consider if I should show off my body more, they were proud and VERY loud(what do you think?Spandex

--------------The spandex Ladies!!!-----------

is easy to find these days, I think I can pull it off!). These young ladies walked in like it was 100Degrees Farenheit outside when it was really just 72, they immediately started gossiping over what they did the following night. Come on my Peurto Rican sista’Z! Your letting me down! Yes we know you drank and got shit-faced. Isn’t that the sterotype of our day and age. Did you wear those skirts to the club, or was it a new wardrobe of underwear from Victoria’s BIG secrets??? The sterotype is that hispanic women tend to be lose, non-fluent in english, LARGER than life, and quick to talk the talk about their successful drinking binges. Clap clap, you’ve done it for your home country!

I honestly do think that the girls were much better than the sterotype that Black men tend to fancy South American women. Let’s see, some females dress expressly weird such as this woman who had her hair died a stinky orange(yes!stinky orange does exist!and don’t tell me it doesn’t cause it does!!!) and wore a red t-shirt with angel wings on it, sagged her denim jeans so much that it showed her black boxers(whatever happened to panties?) and scuffed up too-old-to-make-a-stage-appearance sneakers. This was a woman that didn’t fall into the stereotype of Hispanic women being big, busty and loud, she’s a rebel! So I almost had hope at this point, but she comes and breaks that shining beacon of hope. Why? Her face is sullen but proud of the fact that she has her puppy dog skinny black dude holding her hand. Yes! she got her man! woop woop! But the fact is they both “hoodwalk” across the outside terrace of the station and carry peruvian flags like there was some big Peruvian parade that we ALL should have attended. Hey, I thought America was the land of strong-hold patriots but way to go Puerto Rico!! And the thing is, they gangster walk left to right holding peruvian flags like 6 times. thanks, now I know this is a sign of country unity. Go puerto rico.yey…

Man oh man, this train station is awesome in the respect that it is a station of so many different ethnic backgrounds. But I realized that the Land of Opportunity is made up of a majority of people who fit these stereotypes. This isn’t a bad thing, i may have been a bit critical of these cultures when I wrote this but this is an amusing thing. It serves a purpose of showing that we may still be in 2011 but the world still spins round and round, generations come back to generations. We can’t be productive out of nothing, roots serve as a starting point.

It’s not hard to believe, tradition dies hard. mY NEW BOX HAS mOre ColOrs!


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