Bitter SweeT

I feel insufficient. Like the train without a track, like the man without a heart, or the soldier without a cause. Lacking in depth of situation and just swimming through life oblivious of the fact that I am the definition of a scatter Brain.
2 things: bitter sweet love, bitter sweet life

Bitter sweet love is the burning sensation you get knowing that somebody loves you regardeless of your present disposition. Your faults are not as important to them as your strengths are. The world let’s that person aid you whenever wherever. You are pretty much going through a love hate relationship, that involves loving a person even though you want to hate them. Bitter sweet marraiges stick through the end, bitter sweet relationships are more so like challenges(like a race when two people are tied together at the legs) you must keep going on.

Bitter sweet life: a life so ill you want to shoot yourself over the thought of always having to do shit. Always running, always working, constantly moving around and establishing yourself in a world of men that are irreversible. Workaholics,junkies, gangastas, mothers, nascar drivers. For all who wish to succeed, there is a certain level of self-sacrifice given to that issue. Namely, bitter sweet.

I learn from those who have bitter sweet lives and strive to achieve a bittersweet life. The sole law against myself is myself,I am a law unto myself and I persecute myself everyday for not doing what should be done. Where did imy superego come undone. It is I who has the power to put peace in a pile of rubbish, calm the storm life has created for me. Bitter sweet like acid rain teaches me to withstand the pain and live to be strong again.

And a bitter sweet love developed within me. Not atypical to the ordinary stereotype: I flee cause I can its a feat that no man can I stand side by side with a man and let the good things come my way as I push up in this land of disaster and wealth. Strive for a greater connection in a lose network. The rings that bind worlds are false and unprecedented so I breathe and let his words escape inside me. I let them force their way into me nudge me into a corner and school the inner beast within me. With bitter sweet love you can achieve complacency and humble solitude.