Damned you..damn me

I feel like an astronaut floating in my own life,
Look at me I’m flaring and i can’t stop crying out..
With pleasure..
So slow so swift pain.

I’m dancing on this moon and walking like Neil Armstrong,
Living strong,
I’m living long and nobody can stop me now..
I’m stopped now..

Break this wall that seems to be a mirage in my mind,
I can find,
The boundary,
The incline of my existence as I bind..myself,
And pray that I could jump over to heaven,
I’m in hell now,

Burning out like diesel fuel in a gas guzzling car,
I’m burning out like I’m blazing out,
Out and about,
Did you find out what to feel before I felt it?
Of course nobody hears,

Centralize on the core topic and I look into my own eyes,
So I can’t despise,
My lies,
Brought me to these why’s and cast out the what next’s,
Why next?

My next beat move is to throw you in a ditch,
You bitch!
WTF…do i look like I can flinch?
I’m asking you, u snitch so tell me the answers,
Can I ask you more questions?

Blessed be on this sacred body but it’s morbid soul is dry,
So I shall not pry,
No why,
By and by I will slice me with an axe,
Wipe sweat with a towel..on my foreahead,

Damn this is stressful!Where is the flip switch?
You bitch!
Don’t screech on brakes,
Don’t bleach the black face just hide it all in a pocket,
Reading this poem and speaking,

Holding you with both hands on either side,
Regaining my pride,
Controlling my side,
And your side won’t reflect a single damn thing,

Mirror mirror on the wall who’s the liar of them all,
Bar brawl!So small! Aren’t you a doll!
No no, fuck you all!
Fuck them all I’m bigger than this and I ain’t a liar,
But I lied

Haunted by drugs and the thugs of my life,
Live your current life!
Forget the knife,
On your throat,
Even though all the strife your in cuts us off and dies,

Mirror mirror on the wall who’s the victim of them all,
I’d like to stall,
Screaming don’t let me fall,
Watch you let go and blame,
Blame you for the break,
I broke it.

Mirror mirror on the wall who’s the special girl?
Let’s not hurl..insults..
No I’m the girl!
Didn’t i say don’t hurl..?
Goddamn this sterile equipment and shoot me,
I won’t..

Mirror mirror mirror..
Damn you for the litter,
The litter on my wall,
You seem to hog it all,
I want to scream out “where did you come from”?!
Above all, what about my prom?
Didn’t you say I looked good that day?
No need for mayday mayday mayday?
So more and more mirrors on my wall,
They all seem to want me to fall,
No more double me’s and one you’s,
Mirror mirror Damn you.