Hidden in my pocket is the very thing I never thought would make sense in my life,
But it makes sense,
Like the inscence of smoke from a herb…it makes sense like the sweet pleasure of humid sex,
Building in my pocket, it screams freedom and I tap it firmly but stiff enough so that people around me don’t know,
But it doesn’t show,
What the blow is and what blows make sense and if I should blow…should i blow on this moment,
I cant let the secret in my pocket escape,
I hold the meaning in my hands, sheltered away from everybody and watch as the world stares on,
oblivious to whats going on,
All you poor souls don’t know what’s gong on,
Are you like a thong? Hidden in that ass you can’t see what’s going on??Damn.

It wants to escape. I won’t let the new existance of me escape and roam free,
See this beauty I have inside me,
The plain truth is that I can’t tell secrets and dang!i can’t even tell one to save my life