I carry you wiTH Me

sTRONG HEARTED man,of mine…
do u sip the tears that slide down your cheek?
do u lick the sweat that runs down your shoulder?
Why can’t i see? why can’t i see?

You punch the wind with your strong hands..
And I can’t comprehend, how those bended hands…
Are so fine and cut..there are buts..
do you believe in love at first sight?
do you think it would be possible to wrap your hands around me?
why can’t you see? why can’t you see me?

Darn man of mine, so full of agility..
I can see the animosity of it all those defined strengths,
That power conserved within you is oh so attractive,
Feel that power within those lines and i breathe…
Why can’t i breathe?Are you breathing? no…you’re breathing just fine.

Stop this image and the screaming wind blowing past me,
you knock me out, you knock us out..
Do you need a hand to wipe those strong hands?
Do you need me to be your bride?
You are my hero, but, you don’t notice the lusting eyes,
the girly sighs..and my oh my’s as you pick your brides..

I sacrifice myself, A glance is all it takes,
And you take me like a blow to the face you willingly recieve,
Like mail that needs to be opened, your hands open me,
unfold my wrappers, dethrone my style!!damnnit do it!
do you think i can be the glass you drink from?
do you think im cut to be broken by your hands?
why can’t you see, why can’t you see..

I carry you with me.