Yes I’ve forgotten you?

Purple tender blood shot eyes,
Blue and blacks, all in disguise,
Do you see,
Right through these eyes???
Do you think,
I don’t despise??

You’re plain clothed and it bothers me so,
You leave your sheets bare and it is so rare,
To see a man so neatly strewn,
In his own migration, in his own ruin,
His a bloom,
Blooming bright like a light

Have i forgotten you?

(lego kingdom had just broken into pieces so I need to go piece it back together, but this poem is really al about one particular person in my life called nick. Hope he is satisfied reading this piece of literature. Don’t really give a fuck!)

District of Terriers?

I’m on a fast train to the District of Homes where my aunt and her annoying husband live. Good thing is I spent the past 6 days in the District of Terriers where my brother goes to school.

I believe to some extent it opened my eyes and to others, it shut the doors for any changes there could or could not have been. What did I learn from being in DoT?

Day One: I’m exhausted, I get off the bus and my brothers immediately smothering me with lots of things that we’ll be doing this next week. Who knew he’d be so enthusiastic, I was too. But exhausted nonetheless. and I miss mike….

……Days 2 and 3 are really not interesting..

Day Four: Today is the ast day I am going to spend shopping, of course I have to! I’ve bought jeans, I’ve bought tops!I even bought a promotional item worth $29.9. So, after talking to Mike for abit in the morning I proceeded to change and eat breakfast. My brother has the grumpiest lunch lady imaginable.

I considered myself well rested, and I knew after fighting with my brother for the past 3 days, we were done with all forms of arguments. Now, it was just a matter of shopping.

I think I got all that I needed. What astounded me was the variety of clothes found in stores, so much to buy, so much to consume. I felt like a princess unleashed to the world of shopping and all the endless possibilities with it. I could get whatever I needed to get and I did! There was this nice, really loose top that I thought was quite sexy and (maybe in a next life) I thought not-wroth-the-price tag but I think the cycle of work and play was getting to me.

I spent my night with my brother eating at another restarant, laughing about the good old days. The occasional text to Mike and the slight thought that I was free.. Finally.

Day Five: Wake up and call Mike as soon as possible, I seriously did not have a good sleep, what is up with me thinking about the Roman Empire on an air bed at 4am in the morning?!

As usual, brother comes in and I have to cut, he has an exam in the evening so I need to let him sleep, in the meantime I’m reading Mike’s messages on gmail and figuring ut if I made the right choice. Surprise, my mum calls me and she’s back from her vacation with my mad grandfather. I let her talk to my brother and after that conversation we set off to eat and then study in the library.

All in all, I think the novel Coraline by Neil Geimann is one of the most extraordinary novels of this time. Short, but equisitly designed to give its readers the desired scare-syndrome that it wants. Buh bye ghost busters and FREDDY KRUGER, Coraline is the shit.

So after finishing Coraline in one day I decided to sleep for abit and then go out with my brother to a 5star restaurant. I was shocked by the amount of wealth and class in one location, and slowly getting irritated by the mount of time we had to wait to seat on plush seats and dig into some “supposed” 5 star course meal.

The meal turned out to be amazing! Who knew.

Day Six: Wake up in the morning!rushing once again, oh mY gOSH! I have to speak to mike and rush through the last packing stages of my suitcase(which already looks like its about to burst). My brother is about to come with his friend Brian so we can all go and get a very “expensive” brunch to eat before I set off for DoH. I managed to stuff everything in my bag, dress in to this dress I bought with this tights that have holes running down the side of them(they look extremely cool!). I’m excited, I mean out of all the things that have happened over the past few days I’m happy that I got my priorities sorted out with my brother. He reminded me that family will always be there for you and at the same time, the effect it had on me was positive.

I finally met Brian, my brother’s craziest friend seemed to be normal enough. He made me laugh a couple of times and he seemed to really interact with my brother well. We went for an expensive lunch at a place that was about 16 blocks down(took the train) and Brian seemed to be just like my brother but a more particular version of him/more passionate. In fact, when we sat down Brian was all about stories of his greek family and their craziness. Our waiter was called Mike, and like my Mike, he had amazingly beautiful eyes! what is it with people and eyes here??

Did I mention, when we were leaving the restaurant, I kind of left my hat on the seat, and stopped dead in my tracks in the middle of the zebra line and looked up at Brian to tell him this. Just as I was considering turning back, Brian scram “DRAMASQUEEEE!!!!” because a high-speed van was about to hit me and so I ran out of the way and in to the restaurant. Yes, I would not be writing this blog post, I’d be DoT roadside meat.

I’m on my way to DoH, i don’t expect it to be amazing, my aunt, her twins, their stepdaughter and her husband are all pretty much boring. Good thing about all of this is that I can talk to Mike whenever I want. 🙂 Maybe I’ll watch south park.