Every morsel of hope invested in what we could be,
We become decrees of what we should be and live,
We live in tomorrow’s and yesterday’s of today’s,
We live in parts of self,
We live in what could be.

The definitions of fear are endless,
And simple thought are hard to have because,
The cause is just and rightful and we break fear,
We fear breaking the monotony,
We fear like frightened birdy,
We fear the possibility,
We fear why not.

Break those tendons from my limbs,
They hang loose like loose bridges do to a new town,
Break those roads!! Break that journey! (frogive me pardon my impulsiveness)
Fly those wing and perch myself on something bigger than what was and what can be,
Fly those wings and don’t fall,
Fly those wings and perch on me.

To be continued..