Who decides?


I hear your heart beating close to mine and,
The people inside my head screaming,
The people in my pussy singing,
The enzymes in my body churning,
I decide that I want you and I decide that I need you,
But this cradle, this womb that I assume to be true,
Is a figment of my imagination is or,
Isnt it?
I began to fantasize of what “would be” would be if I were to be,
The state of solidifying my thoughts,
A statue, a monument of my place, and a fear of,
Will it change my destiny?
And reproduce another me?


The colors in your eyes mix me up and I literally,
Begin to see how my world is without worry,
The bother of fighting of urges and your eyes stare back at me,
The feeling you induce in me,
Could we be?
Tugging that short sense of hope, nibbling at that tender innocence,
Roughing up that naughty girl,
Teasing the lines that caress around my growing belly,
Wanna be, the only idea in me,
And i contemplate if what you want and what you do is full of sincerity,
Or evilly?


i put my hands together and pray to a cloud,
That cloud puffs smoke and stares back at me with nothing but silence,
Could the god I know be looking at me?
Can he see?
What would the answers to a life-long riddle be when for an eternity,
The world has been run by something bigger than me,
I am a pawn in a chess game of life,
I cant be moved and I’m scared to be moved,
Cause of the sin….or forbidden?
Who decides?

A place of mine own

A place of mine own that I can call my own,
A little place far from the realities of jealousy and betrayal,
Far from it all, in the middle of what I consider,
I consider a place of mine own to be.

Grapevines hanging and trees willow,
A golden throne for me and a red carpet singing welcome,
A new ride, a brick built mansion full of denim,
I would have lots of denim and my life would be complete,

A place of mine own doesn’t have to be anything,
Because anything is to specific and something is everything,
Now I feel that my everything is the only thing I can call my own,
I can swim in a place of mine own,

A huge cheque and a beautiful wife,
Lots of trucks full of candy and the sweetness of life,
My choice is my rule, a kingdom built in my honor,
I carry my choice in my cross and I never regret the profits,

A place of my own is different because its special,
I lay my ground and I expect the best results,
I score a test and I want A-grade results,
I want this place to be everything I envisioned for it.

I step without fear and dance with no steps,
I light fire in my path and my glare is the grace of gods landing upon human eyes,
A place of mine own is more than a human body,
A place of mine own is a human army,

I recreate, soldiers of war,
Give them guns and make them roar,
Plant them in my life and protect this sacred life,
Spin my web and lead as one where there’s supposed to be one.

I live a miraculous life andI am young at heart,
My chest beats with possibilities and the throbbing drives like drills,
The core is almost broken, escape of my soul,
A place of mine own without a leader, just an army