The importance of time

Feel Love- Sean garret ft. Drake

A few weeks ago I wouldn’t have believed that I could have made so many friends, become so close to one guy, and felt so much hapiness in such a short space of time. But it happened…and so I state, and don’t counteract, that time is everything.

Present is better than the past and the future.,
Live for the moment and dont forget,
Don’t forget that you can be anything you put your mind to,
Because you are the superstar of your show,
And the superstar of a show, never dies,
Never dies,
Only continues going on,
Because the story never dies,
Never dies,

Lyrics for Feel Love- Sean Garrett ft. Drake
[Sean Garrett]
Junior high played them
High school played them
College well, you know… played them
Me and my friends use to laugh about it, how we fade ’em
Now cupid is aiming his arrow right there at me
No more nonchalence can I be, with you here starring at me
With the most beautiful eyes that a n-gga ever seen
You pull an emotional vibe from my soul, look at me
You got my heart beating like my back is filled with batteries.

For the first time Im in love,
And I wanna tell everybody
And I wanna tell everybody (what i’m feeling)
For the first time I feel love
And I wanna tell everybody
And I wanna tell everybody the feel

Drizzy Drake.

All them men before me did shit I would never do
And I know you got your guards up, but they should let him through
Just keep fightin’ for our lovin’ baby, I’ll defend it too
And if they try and tell me time is money I’d spend it with you
I spend it all
I spend it all
I charge forever, to my card
And pay it off, no interest lost
I be right here, and like your favorite wine girl,
I’m worth trying, but take it easy on me
Cuz this my first time

For the first time Im in love,
And I wanna tell everybody
And I wanna tell everybody (what i’m feeling)
For the first time I feel love
And I wanna tell everybody
And I wanna tell everybody the feel

[Sean Garrett]
Now baby, baaaby
You doin’ things with my heart ain’t never felt, it’s so crazy
(?) if you gonna let it change me, I was so mistaken
Your love like a billy coupe, took me out of a Mercedes
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Now baby, baaby
For so long I miss somebody
My heart just couldn’t (?)
I went from not wanting a girlfriend to needing ya lady
I didn’t think I’d ever see
Me callin’ to you, you voice before, I go to sleep

For the first time Im in love,
And I wanna tell everybody
And I wanna tell everybody (what i’m feeling)
For the first time I feel love
And I wanna tell everybody
And I wanna tell everybody the feel

[Sean Garrett]
I ain’t never looked into a woman’s eye worth of fire
Bet I’m feelin while you holdin’ me begging to take you higher
For so long I wasn’t faded, I couldn’t admitted before
But now I see what life’s about, and i’m never goin’ let you go
Girl I’m growin’ (don’t wanna be selfish, I wanna be more accountable)
I see us growing (?) don’t wanna miss out on a feeling I never had before
I got to tell the world, somebody gotta know
What you’da done to me, I gotta let’em know

For the first time Im in love,
And I wanna tell everybody
And I wanna tell everybody (what i’m feeling)
For the first time I feel love
And I wanna tell everybody
And I wanna tell everybody the feel

[Sean Garrett]
Two hearts, I use to say
Might make a great movie to watch on a late night
But for me it ain’t the way
But baby thanks to you (I changed)

For the first time Im in love,
And I wanna tell everybody
And I wanna tell everybody (what i’m feeling)
For the first time I feel love
And I wanna tell everybody
And I wanna tell everybody the feel

Sex Dream no.5

The most appealing thing is when a guy just goes for what he wants, confidence, gentlemen, is key..

I was in the elevator going up to my room and I looked across from me at this really attractive guy. Brown skinned, kind of tallish and with the most amazing muscles ever. I flipped the corner of my hair around my earring and coiled it down my tentative shoulders, letting the curl rest lazily on my ashen white collarbone.

The guy turned towards me and said his name was Carl, I introduced myself as Dramasque and he moved up closer to me. Apparently we were going to the same floor so the more we talked, the longer it felt, the more transparent my attraction to him was and I found myself sliding my hand across the nape of his neck. He caught my hand as i began to stroke the back of his neck, pulled it towards his juicy, kissable lips and pressed them against those lips.

We finally arrived on the same floor and the doors opened letting in a flood of airconditioned corridor oxygen. He followed me to my room and before i could get to the door, I turned around quickly and with a haste. “What are you doing?”, I questioned cautiously. His left hand grabbing my right and his right holding my left securely, he pinned me against the door of my bedroom and replied, “don’t you wanna find out?”. I smiled coyly up at him, his face towering above mine and with a slight shove of the doorknob behind me I let us both in..

Before i knew it, my legs were in the air, my hands grasping both sides of the beds head and my pussy wide,inviting, his dick decided to push up on me in that lopsided fetal position. My moans kept getting longer..the sweat trickling of the small of my nipples down to my clenched stomach. Legs held high above me by his strong muscular hands, i screamed as his dick ran through my soft wet hole. He pounded slow then fast…oooo, how it made me feel good.

His voice ragged with anxiety as he held my legs in place and steered his penis inside me, like a horizontally set rocket launcher his cum blew up inside me…but that didn’t stop him from tying my hands, tilting me backwards and driving inside me from the back. His sexual embrace encapsulated my senses and when he wants driving his cock inside me, I was mmmmm’n to the touch of his rugged hands against my thighs. In he went, and his hands gripped both sides of my hips as he rammed my ass and pulled me towards him. The seduction of a man, how pleasing.. i rubbed my pussy with delight, The numbness was a drug unknown to me, and yet..taking over my senses in the most domineering manner possible…

I moaned louder, said his name, his name was carl right. Placed my thighs in a steady position and allowed my ass to succumb to a hard hard touch.. As my hips rolled and the sweat had made it’s way to the crane of my pussy, I unhinged myself from a doggie position and stood a little with his cock inside me. Let my hands slide backwards and felt an uncontrollable desire to touch his neck and let his kisses flower my ashen skin.. His groans loud and forceful as his cock slowed inside my asshole and the touches became more vivid. A kiss here, a squeeze there…. then a steady rhythm inside me. till i came.

Confident men…how nice.

Top ten Craziest Dramasque Weekly moments

1) I was supposed to go to a ball, so instead of listening to my friends tell me that the weather was going to be horrid I walked out of my dormitory in heels and a short mini dress. Boy did i freeze my ass off! Ironically that was my first day wearing a t*****.fill in the gaps aint that hard!

2) I asked a guy if he was homosexual and he never spoke to me again. Then I’ve developed a profound sense of hate for him over the past few weeks so I don’t talk to him too. How mutual is that!

3) blackberryI fixed my blackberry 9800 torch by: (and don’t list these down, it may be plagirism and I don’t have a lawyer)

  • Dissembling it with Torx screwdrivers
  • Saying wtf 300 times because the main screws can’t be opened with torx’
  • Having a bitchfit then ordering some guy to take u to watch a football game
  • More work!You manage to dissemble it, insert new screen, and voila!assemble it again enthusiastically..saying “mwahaha” whilst you victoriously put your phone back together
  • Trying to turn on your phone, it doesnt work..
  • Back to the “wtf’s”…except this time say it 700 times.
  • You manage to stress for 24 hours then open and close phone works! success.i fixed my phone myself 🙂
  • 4) I went to buy a girdle at a store outside campus and on my way back to campus with my friend Awesome and another guy, I was freaking out about the ball so I went off on a rampage about how to dance with the guys and they said “girl’s you know, they should just do it face down ass up dancing style yo!”..and I said “no,no,no,no!i can’t be so vulgar like that!ill just dance with the girl’s in a very non-lesbian way”

    5) Who knew you could make your own glasses that look really cool. So i was making my own glasses, pouring paint on top of it, in the mixer, so that it could be mixed.. and the girl’s next to me had started doing hers. By mistake I got over-excited! So i poured the yellow like a crazy woman everywhere and some of it fell on her glasses. oh oh…

    6) I decided since Awesome’s been such a good friend to me, I’ll join her in her endouvers. So I went for a military style club meeting called airsoft.(training for young rookies who want to be part of the army) Airsoft allows you to meet in a random location outside campus, load a plastic real-looking BB gun with tiny little bb bullets. strap on military uniform and “armour” then go and shoot other people severely by almost killing them. It’s snowing here, still icy, still really cold so I decided I would wear trainers instead of my snow boots!
    And the whole thing was a disaster “man down, man down!!” i’d run a few steps in the snow, and like the prom queen in Iraq, fall flat on my face, in the hardenned snow and scrape my fingers as well as my knee. I felt like the earth was crumbling beneath me. GO GO GO!!!

    7) Also at airsoft I managed to actually shoot someone! too bad, the guy I was shooting was a step away from me, with his hands in the air(surrender position) and his face looking really shocked(oncoming bb bullets from my gun). One of the main rules of airsoft is don’t hit somebody within such close range. Hey now! I was only being a terrorist!terrorist

    8) The thing about being in a group project is that its awkward when you try to find your team members. So I am going to ask that there be a search party out for those particular group of people. After all, we need to work together.

    9) I ate pork. I’M ALLERGIC TO PORK. They put pork in all their chicken meals. F*****************************K.

    10) I want to start my own organization after people started saying it will earn you credibility. So I’m going to call it “POOPP” POVERTIES OPPRESSION ON POOR PEOPLE. 🙂 Don’t hold me down.

    Let go, let sex?

    Some people wish for a fantasy island and others wish for a prince in shining armor to walk up to them. But its all easier said then done and with time, comes patience..

    So who decides? Who decides when to accept and when to retaliate over the things you dislike in life, nobody, thats who. Coming to the University Within has taught me many things and I’ve only been here 6 weeks. The rest, is yet to be discovered. I knew by letting go of my past in IoC, I would enjoy embracing the newness of the university situation, but who knew that it would involve answering alot of questions about why i “WASN’T HAVING SEX”!

    My first encounter was with a guy in IoC on 2go, as I wrote about my lonliness and the endeavors of meeting new people. The frustrating experience of eating lunch alone, dinner alone, and maybe even breakfast.. this sucks. But the one question that popped into his mind was “had sex yet?”. I question it..I question the exact nature of a sexual experience by university it leisure? is it like listening to music? is it sweet and passionate like I would like to think? How dirty can it get? and last but not least, am I supposed to be doing it?

    My mind spins and I seem to remember the promise I made to myself once leaving IoC “no guys, no sex, no drugs”. Basic components of a university situation that I’d barred myself from ever going next to, and yet…being here, made it less important, made my goals less important.

    I read winnie’s message the other day, and it was all about how sex oriented her life has become. So many guys to choose from, so many people to get to know…I got scared and advised her to keep away from them. You can’t go looking for a gold ring in a garbage bin, you can’t go looking for love in sex. Winnie’s life seemed like something out of a sex and the city sequel. I immediately got jealous but at the same time, I knew, life is faster than I expected…easier said than done.

    I think back to all those times, I’ve been serenaded over the phone in purgatory, the tears rolling down my cheeks and the runaway princess sitting at the windowsill. And it seems slower and less sexual. why? Because the physical encounters weren’t there. Curtis and I barely saw each other, but yet pledging your love for somebody who’s millions of miles away seems to be the easiest thing to do.. psychology vs. whats really the situation.

    I feel like a clown, I am juggling a ball, a bible and a snake all in one hand because I can’t admit the fate of world is changing. I met someone who makes me happy and I can touch his skin and look into his earthly eyes. Does that mean I’ve let go? Does that mean sex is next?

    I’m drawn to conclude that I want the best for the ones I love, but for once going with the flow isn’t so bad. I’ll just have to keep my hand on the red flag lest I start sliding into a ditch. a language in my world. I speak it, because it attracts people to my very being and when i say “no”, it means yes”oh yes” yes. But it isn’t necessarily the best solution to anything and everything. I don’t intend to change my new year’s resolution. I intend to let go of the worrisome lines on my face and still be the fairy princess I was born to be. I’m drawn to remember the afternoon escapades and 2goers that I can’t seem to leave alone.

    This is for you, and those that don’t know what to do when faced with peer pressure.

    Don’t change for anyone.

    The True African

    The true African pounds his gut and lays his chest bare,
    Carves a wooden stave and spanks his 7th wife on her wobbly tush..
    He stands with gaiety and authority claiming certain vices to be true,
    And others around him are false, white men are fake and their ways are foreign,

    He plants a seed in the earth that is the richness of life,
    Seed grows to a new dark continent, seedlings develop to a new brand day,
    He plants a seed in that dark bush of sublime wet pussy and the richness of her brown nipples, the taste of her spicy African clit,
    Seed grows to a new dark child, seedlings develop into an African man,

    Tha African man is dominant and full of disguise,
    One day he is a lion king, a man to be respected,
    His roar and glare are piercing and worship him now!
    His roar is deep, his bite is tough and rips the seam for which man and great man are divided: he is both,
    His one and only hope is that he becomes a giant amongst them all,

    One day he lingers, his heart broken and a bitter glare spreads across the lineage of his upper cheek bone to the side of his mouth..
    His mouth lingers, his soul still,
    His mouth cups another woman’s breast and in that instant,
    His mouth speaks words of independence and forces him to stand tall,

    One day this man…TO BE CONTINUED/EDITED