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The University Within

What did I expect after being in the university of within for a whole week myself. Mutti and my broter left me, Fish Gir’s hospitality is crazy good, I guess I underestimated the university in the woods.

I spent my first days of uni getting sorted with classes and getting lost. Yes, it was tough. The constant tourist pose I put on as I unfolded my crumpled map(the third one after the other two got blown away) showed that I was a freshman/fresha of 2011.

Yes, I was miserable. But I met a few people along the way, especially through FG who slyly but surely made it clear her life was boyfriend and an engineering major. FG’s a great roommate, shes hospitable, she’s kind and she lends me her shit. We’ve gone to dinner a few times and now her friend’s are my friends. Atleast the girl’s are, the guy’s think I’m trying to hit on them(I’m not. I’m just interested in uni)

Who’s to say I’m wrong these people? The segregation’s not that bad and the food is SO MUCH! I eat what I want when I want, ofcourse maintaining the 54kg’s I left the IoC with. I remember Vatti saying if I go over he’ll refuse to pay my school fees, tragic, i know. was he joking?

The people here like facebook, it’s awesome because I like facebook too! šŸ™‚ They add you into their lives and profiles like drinking a glass of milk(or water..whatever you prefer). I’ve even made friend’s with the people on the ground floor.

So my first few days of uni weren’t bad, I was by myself doing what I do best, scattering my friends like skittles. However when it came time to invite each of them for lunch, initiating it was weird. Was I lesbian for calling up girls to meet me for lunch? or was it the LoO way? All I knew was that, one way or another, I’ll be comfortable and happy. I made a really good friend 3 days ago, her name’s Rotna(she’s indian that looks like a chinese, i know, the irony!!) and she’s in my math class.

So Rotna and I went for my first late night event at the Student Union. Thousands gathered in one location(i wish..there were just a couple of 70 students, me thinks) for the grand games of the University Within. There was karaoke, boxing, tatooing, paper airoplanes(I made one and it totally backfired) and loads of other stuff. Rotna and I went around trying different stuff, she’s just as exuberant and lively as I am, which pleased me, for what I was shocked about(which was practically everything) she would compliment by talking. Rotna sang a song infront of everybody(yeh, she’s a new transfer student, but girl’s got balls!..ok,no balls) and i was pleased, so I was encouraged and i also sang a song. The frightening truth, people loved it, and the dj complimented me by screaming my name after I was done(thank you thank you, thats me, dramasque!line up for autographs.hahaha!)

I’ve made it in to the university Within community with a bang. Yes, everybody here looks like Taylor swift and Kesha mixed with justin beiber and that dude from High musical but..there are a few crazies, and people have personality! After that this guy, Seb, came up to me, chatted me up and wanted to take me back to his place(ofcourse i freakin’ refused!!) but then he got friendly and the whole night, he had my back. I was encouraged, i sang another karaoke song infront of everybody after that people were screaming my name! how awesome! This was great. Rotna and I got dog tags(which are really cool because you can take your picture and they’ll paste it on there..if you want one, i can hook you up!)

People were singing weird white songs for Karaoke, what did I care?I was happy, people were cheering for me, people knew me. Even this other guy who caught my hand when i was leaving and kept saying his name cause I was saying his name, but its only cause his names weezy and thats a weird(/really cool name) for a guy…he said I sang well….after..he…let go of my hand..and looked at a freak.hmm.. šŸ˜€

Basically, my first evening out alone in the University life was a success. The next day came and Mutti had tried calling me, zzzz!should I be telling her to call me at a certain time?yep..i will. I was planning on going for my 2nd late night to a step show held over at the school’s theatre with Rotna. As i was leaving the building in my knee high, leather tight boots with pointy heels and toes(that Mutti would have killed me for wearing) I met these girl’s on my floor. They were seniors and juniors. Interesting.. they even offered to drop me of in their car to the theatre, this was a great way to start things off.


The event was amazing! so many black people in one location?!you’re kidding. And considering over half of the population at the University Within is white, it was refreshing. There was all this loud, hip hop music and so many cute guys. Dare I say it, I can’t look! They’d come from all over to watch the dancing and presentation. As i tried calling Rotna to find out where she was I dropped my new blackberry and cracked the fucking screen šŸ˜¦ I’m gonna have to secretly change the thing on monday( oh the joy’s of being financially equipped!).

The guys huddle together, they like the hootchie mamas with the 2cm short minidresses and the latino’s with the curly, wavy, long hair. The guys are distracted by “yo!wassup wassup bro!” and the girls are all “yeh and my girls”. It proves my defination of people running in packs. But these people are proud of their packs(really proud of their packs!) and its awesome that they do that. I watched the show, the dancing was fantastic, the people(like all others at the LoO) loud.

I enjoyed it even though the baggypants, and hoodies and music made me float in to a time when I had a boyfriend who was into that stuff. I rubbed the image out of my head and concentrated on the journey ahead. These are my new friends, my fellow neighbours, I hope I can be as loud and as intruiging as they are. i won’t jump on the bus for any of them but I’m excited to get to know them.

HIP HOP,RAP AND RNB floated around the air at the theatre and people’s shouts got louder. I saw Seb, but he didn’t look interested in me anymore, I think my rejection to go to his room was taken as an insult. Rotna and I went off for dinner and she dropped me back home in her car(home is where I currently live in a dorm with FG). I was tired, but I still had time to see the girls on the first floor who I met earlier on that day. It was amazing to see that they’ also come back from the event, they were as intruigued to learn that I was not from their community. I am African African. They also brought their guy-friends who were impressively drunk. I walked out after they unscrewed the wine bottle and started planning what party their going to go for after.

I don’t drink anymore but it was interesting for me to say no. My second NO of the year. First it was to Seb and his room request and now to the First floor girls and their drinking request.

Are we sometimes confronted with issues we can’t avoid? Or are we faced with choices were too afraid to make? Is it us?or them? Is it me? or you? Is no considered rude in a society where YES is everything?

I enjoyed my first week of university, but it’s frightening to think of my cracked blackberry and the week’s work ahead. Organizing myself is the toughest thing, and next week it will get tougher. Standing by my beliefs will get harder.

I feel the want to be different and the need to breathe, I’m gulping.


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2 responses to “The University Within

  1. Ludoski ⋅

    youR 1st week was just wow. i enjoy reading the events that unfolded… i can imagine the fun. whoa it turned out better than you had anticipated. i’m happy for you and proud of you. sorry bout your screen.

  2. thank you!! it was tough šŸ™‚ still is..

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