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Ballerina men

Some things i’ve noticed on entering the loO is tatI can’t stand men who’ve got bipolar attitudes the size of Africa. I mean, there are quiet ones, there are hyper ones, there are rough ones, angry ones, I mean men are just humans(like women).

ballerina man

However, there is a certain class of men that I like to call Ballerina men that absolutely don’t make sense. I’d like to warn everybody who is reading this to keep away from this type of man with this type of personality.

A ballerina man is’nt walking around with a pink tutu and white silk tights. Hs amongst us wearing everyday clothing and acting like his as normal as us but he is’nt. I termed them ballerina’s because of the dance of ballet(one hobby i enjoyed doing and which i participate in when I’m not feeling fat). the dance of ballet is so beautiful(dramas trois blog’s logo is a ballerina’s silhouette!) but it’s also random and at times, displaced and uncontrollable. The technique is maintained but it’s wildness personifies a part of the ballerina man I am talking about.

The other part about ballerina men is their impulsiveness. A dancer is always willing to throw her/hisself into their work to make it better. Art is about expressing ones self after all. But what if, this concept was taken to another level where men are so imuplsive, they can’t control themselves! :-O

So, you get the idea of ballerina personalities. And I met this man three times in my life, once in my uncle in 2004, another time in my x-boyfriend and here at the LoO! Who would’ve known, their so scattered around the globe. My uncles, here at the LoO are so impulsive with their moods. It’s like a hidden inner crazy man living beneath their skin. And when they want to be calm, they let the women of the family do everything.

I can’t even finger count how many times my aunts have had to be the man and woman in the family because my uncle’s don’t want to participate in the important roles. Ad its not cause their cocky its just people deciding they don’t wanna do stuff and their roles as men are being played by women. Sometimes its ok for them and sometimes, when the realization dawns, they get angry. It’s like putting a sweater on a lion and forcing his claws to curl.

Don’t buy into the bullshit. If a man of this character is in your presence, willing you to do everything ladies and unnaturally calm, you should know his a ballerina man. one moment its wild, out-of-control pirouettes and the next minute its tip-toeing gracefuleness. I classify them in the human type idiot-oide. Don’t be fooled.

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