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I am?

Over the past few days I’ve just been so hurried and I apologize because I didn’t wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR or MERRY CHRISTMAS.

This is the thing, tomorrow is the first day I ‘m going to step into the University Within for my orientation. Mutti and my brother are coming with me and I really don’t know what to expect. Over the past few days my mind’s been swirling and I’m trying to figure out when will it stop and will i be going back to my nice comfy single bed in the Isle of Corruption anytime soon? The answer is no. I am out of purgatory and my life begins in the LoO.

Mutti seems to think I’m depressed. I don’t say much. Even when we were in the Isle of Tea. I shut up and let everybody else do the talking. I hate this state I’m in, I’m acting like an anglo-saxon brought back from the middle ages to the new world. I’m consumed with shock and fatigue. I miss curtis. I miss running around with different epople. I miss my bedroom window and the metal grills that trapped me inside my cage.

I miss 2go, I miss Vatti and the workers of the house. Most of all, I miss constancy and writing on my blog daily. I almost hate everything. But I can’t hate things that I don’t know. I’m confused. I just wanted to tell you guys to hold on to your seats because once I’m done being “floaty” I’ll write about the things I do know.


About Dramasque Diva

Hi I'm Dramasque Diva. My blog is all about what is in my head. My blog name is Dramastrois after the 3 personalities I assume on a daily basis. Dramasque's 3(trois is french for 3). I usually write really random stuff, some of those include poems, stories, sex stories even.. lol. I have a combination of stuff on my blog. so by all means, come and check it out if you're interested n what goes on in my head!!

2 responses to “I am?

  1. Ludoski ⋅

    I miss lots of things that entailed being friends with you… our chats, your sexy laughter, the songs u sung… I MISS YOU. All will be well.

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