Embrace Your Culture(Kiria Munua!)

I’m currently staring at a woman reading from the bible in a completely different language either than english. It sounds strangely familiar, PLO,but that makes sense!i am at a PLO function. I am from the PLO race, ok quarter of me is anyway.

Vatti’s long time friend is getting married today,traditional PLO style. And we decided to the District of PLO’s to witness the first part of the traditional ceremony:the official request for the bride. Ofcourse my uncle already has 3 other children with this woman but it makes sense to do it traditional if you grew up in a family that was cultural.

This is the introduction of a traditional marraige its for the purpose of themans family formally getting to know the womans family n introducing themselves to one another. I think its called a gurachia. The second part is the giving of dowry from the mans side to the woman. Ofcourse in this case, the dowry will be money and possibly cows(alot of it!because they already have 3kids out of wedlock). The second part will take place next year and its called a gurario. So..yeh!

In the gurachia, today, the elders of each family sit and discuss what the dowry,official introduction is going to cost(PLO’z..we love money!and cows!)Then we eat,socialize,then pray. Each head of family,probably the father of the bride and groom introduces the family and friends on each side. Then the father of the man introduces his son to the father of the girl, the interesting part of looking for the girl happens as they bring in different supposed ‘bride-to-be’s’,They find her,big introduduction of girl,boy and their parents.Then the men discuss the introduction fee in private(paternal society) and we go home!

Mutti and Vatti arent cultural at all. I think the last and previous times i was at DoPLO was because of funerals of Vatti’s relatives I have no idea about. Ok, so I didnt eat the food, it smelled good but it was dry.geez…maybe I was too white back then.

Ok,this time,today i’m giving it a chance. I’m eating the food.Ok a hair’s in there, I’m eating everything BUT the hair. And then,I’m staring into blank space since the woman sitting next to me is spitting bits of whatever ghastly thing she’s eating on the floor. And when i ask her if she wants a soda in english, she speaks back in PLO. I’m making it work like totally.

This is like being born in a world full of gnomes!it’s so cool. I don’t get them. Oh wait, I know his talking about Jehovah..i guess…oh,and jehivah’s connection to marraige.Ah I’m getting somewhere. If only Mutti wasnt looking at me with a death stare…Yes, I gotta blog the moment!

Whats funny is that I dont understand PLO or speak it.Alex is trying to teach me, its quite interesting. ‘neh menete’z…’neh gwedetes’…yeh. ‘im loving it.