BittEr TruTh

Heart ache breaks me down,
Down I go downer under,
Through the glass I see his frown,
Time is lost,lost to yonder,
Foolishness spins me round,
Silent bitter ending,
Hapiness that i found,
Is closing to an ending,
Final curtain call,
I hear the trains toot for me,
Lost within it all,
Wake up wake up wake wakey,
Salt on wounds can sizzle,
Heat on cloth can burn,
Bitter truth like missiles,
A fate that twists and turns,
Does vrai erase the faux?
Does life stop or continue?
Do tears dry after so much more?
Does change break the me in u?
Mashing greys and browns,
Replacing reds and orange,
Drowning screaming sounds,
Drowning in the foliage,
The bitter truth is worthy,
The cut is deeper than the sea,
Strong feeling deep within me,
Let the real truth reveal the real me.


Don’t think about yesterday’s old news and the party you had where you threw up all over your girlfriend’s new dress. Think about today and what it hold’s.

I may not be an advocate of love and complete hapiness but I know a thing or two about God’s gifts. The mere fact that were lieing in bed, looking out of the windows and observing the dark green freckles on a grevillea tree and the baby blue radiated colour from the Sun’s electromagnetic waves on the sky, tells us that we are fortunate to be on Earth. I drink a hot cup of chocolate every morning, sit in the kitchen and wonder ” where did this day go”. A day has 24 hours and 6 of those precious hours are spent on the rise and setting of the sun.

Sometimes the human race takes for granted the equatorial or mediterannean climate that is part of our earth. We take for granted the soil we step on, or the food we eat. I notice because I recognize that we are the most fortunate species. Were not only put on earth for the productive, sharing and caring objectives that God lays out for us. Were put on earth so that we can preserve the gifts of nature that come with it.

I dare you to wake up and smile and look out of the window to mezmerise at the beauty of the day that life holds for us. There is no sun in coffins, nor is there fresh drizzles of rain upon your cheek in deserts. We experience different things when we come in contact with nature. Mine is the hope of a new day and the foreshadowement of greater things to come. Sometimes it dictates how well I spend my day but the true value and meaning behind the weather, the trees, the smell and sight of earth’s gifts is that they exist to compliment and surround humanity.

I can’t force you to think this way because some people enjoy burning and destroying and shitting on what God has given us. But I dare you to recognize that there is life in earth and it is there to serve these purposes. We are not alone, we are given hope by the natural things that come to life around us.