Sex DreAm No. 4

Steamy,hot shower runs is whats really refreshing after a nice cold swim and tonights dream had everything in it :)….

I was swimming with a group of my friends and one of them was my friend Bill. Me and him go way back and we were playing volleyball with my mates. The others wanted to swim a little longer but Bill and I wanted to go and change. We started pool splashing water on eachother as we exited the pool. My oh my, have i always had a crush on Bill?He was sooo sexy!

Next thing I know were skidding and running down the corridor to the showers. Bill caught up to me and in that hollow, slippery, desserted university tunnel he pressed my back against the wall and began kissing me. Trailing a finger down the length of my side, nibbling at my lower lip. was heaven. I raised my left leg and pulled him closer. He held my leg there and we snogged like crazy. For some reason, the steam was practically rising of my body. Was that pool really cold?

Bill’s hands wandered down to my bikini bottom and grabbed my ass..It felt so good, he kept squeezing it in his big hands and i kept tasting his mouth..Thats not the only thing I wanted to taste. Before anyone could catch us, we ran to the girls bathroom and locked ourselves in a cubicle. Our wet swimming costumes barely drying, and our faces smooshed together.Bill pressed himself against me, unhooked my bikini brastrap and it fell right on the floor.

He placed himself in between my wet legs and pumped himself into me…oh yeh!my heaven was right here. I clutched his back with my long nails. My clorene filled hair slapping against my face. It was a rough fuck in the shower. And Bill’s hands explored every inch of my doublt d breasts. His tongue licking each nipple as he pounded in to me..

I heard myself moaning, exassperated, amazed, hot pleasure. His right hand still grabbing my ass and smooshing it. My hands flailing wildly as he drove deeper and my pussy walls erupting with pleasure. I couldn’t help feeling the sweet opening of my canvas. My tight pussy released, Bill’s juices mixing in with my own.

How crazy..we got out of that cubicle thinking only one thing. Lets go swimming again.