Misplaced Affection

I wish you knew that I’m tossing and turning,
I wish you knew a lot of things are burning,
Burning inside me, burning out of control, burning with anger,

My past is daunting and never erased,
I’m finding it hard to succumb to this state,
My world is ticking, my life is spinning, my heart is resting,

I’m building a wall to shield myself from pain,
The mistakes one makes is more than they gain,
Contemplating death, Dreaming death, feeling emotional death,

Fight the good fight and fall in love again,
put your trust in someone and risk your life for them,
Defending myself, Enjoying ones self, Experiencing liberated self,

I am a life form and you are the technician,
Hold me in your care and dont drop me what?explosion?!,
Feel drawn, Exhausted withdrawn, Torn, Unborn,Forlorn,

I’m losing my mind and becoming stupid,
Judge you with my heart like fucking cupid,
Idiot girl is naive with 2nd rate contemplation,
You don’t get your heart stopped and your mind filled with irritation,
Unless its intuition,
Unless its suspicion,
Unless its the foreboding thought of someone in remission,
Someone cut my umbilical cord and told this dude to listen, he can take advantage while the whole world fucking listens,
I’m the innocent masterpiece and I’m the innovator, Grow a brain and say that I’m the world’s new darth vadar, I’m the bitch that criticizes and I got it down pac, These niggas think they’ll hurt me now they just smoking cheap crack, they wack,
These people wanna hurt me and control me, No more stopping me now I’ma recognize ambition, I’ma recognize determination, you ain’t the guy I thought you were. Take two steps now and dont recognize that you fucking her.
I dont care now, I feel the air in my ears, It’s all so clear, shoot the women, drink a beer,
I’m done.
You were my misplaced affection, i get what your doin’, put me in the wrong direction.
Again, I feel you aint worth a single fucking penny, I’m done making excuses, none of you is worth any