Ok,now this is the part where you gasp and go: How could she?! Ok, don’t show your kids this, and if you are, why are you???That’s just bad parenting. But this blog post isn’t about bad parenting it’s about learnng how to mind fuck someone 😀

Whats a mind fuck? This is the term that reffers to a method of conversation usually applied by a person when they want to suss(check the god damn meaning of suss out in your home-bought dictionary!nkt!) out a another person’s character.

Where is mind-fucking used? Mind fucking is applied in scenarios where people are having a conversation that is online or when a boyfriend-is-cheating-on-his-girlfriend-wth-a-skank-whore-and-theres-no-undefinable-way-of-busting-him-out.

When can mind fucking be applied? At any time of day, you just have to have brains. (check if you do before reading the rest of this post, dont worry i’ll wait, go on,check :-|)

So, basically, my whole life has been spent mind fucking people, yes, i’m a gigalo spending lots of doe, but it helps. Mindfucking is useful because a person like me does not get to see so many people face to face, I’m guessing the statistics show a 5 people in a month basis-how sad. So I need it, but you also need it.Mind fucking is so much more than just being away from people because let’s say somebody’s lieing to you, or trying to outsmart you, that’s a straight-up mind fuck right there. So it’s neccassary to be on top of things when in a conversation with someone or in meetings that involve alot of tactic. It can benefit you by giving you the truth about people, knowing how the tempo of a conversation is going to go and possibly gaining you respect.

Mind-fucking is all about this:

  • Make sure when the person’s talking you listen carefully to each and every detail they utter about theselves
  • Ask leading questions about what you want to know, be very direct for maximum efficiency
  • Make sure that you critically look at every single word the person has used, lets say they say “hi, i really miss you, when can you see me?” instead of “hi, i really miss you, are you seeing me soon”. You know what that shows?cocky mannerisms, the guy probably feels like you have all the time in the world, and is upgrading his place in your life from a C to an A, his impatient,and doesn’t wanna wait in line. A humble person would say the first one.
  • when you are mind fucked,dont say ‘your confused’ or ‘i dont know’. It shows failure and indecisvness. Mind fuckers are always on top of their game
  • Mind fucking should be used with a limit, a maximum should be set depending on the person you’re talking to. If you overdo the critiques and pointed questions one would suppose you’re a hard ass and reluctant to be open
  • Seem open, a good mind fucker is always one who gives in a little bit of the truth but enough to encourage the other person to believe they are sincere
  • Dont mind fuck someone who’s already your friend or a person you care for. Why overdo it,you already got what little detail you wanted!move on, this is a world of sussing out eachother
  • Be the realist when it comes to this. Men do it to women. Women do it to men. An employer does it to his employee when he wants to gauge which position to demote him to,etc.. But sooner or later nothing is constant,tread carefully. Mind fucking is a method of getting to know someone not keeping them in you life.