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The Bigger Man

Have you ever felt like were all just working for a larger system of upper class degenerates who don’t give a damn about what were doing just how much were producing. I feel like that everyday. Of course I can’t go walking around screaming like a headless loon that were being watched by a higher power but it makes complete sense.

Hurt Pain Sad Girl Images

I watched the movie “Red” with Bruce Willis in it, it had alot of the concept inside it.
As I sit here now, typing this, I feel morally wasted, menatlly wasted. Financially, I know Vatti is wasted, why wouldn’t he be? We’re working for a higher power. in this case my bigger man is the university im going to. It was a struggle applying to the Land of Oppurtunity, and after all the rejections I got in the first place in April, I picked myself up and did a whole new round of applications.Now, after expecting to leave in December I’m leaving in January, I feel consumed with hate and disgust for the bigger man.

I can’t say I’m not exhausted, Vatti and I worked day and night accusing eachother of being the cause of my failure. But I knew the main cause: it was the bigger man and his influence on my life.
Some dude up there in the admissions office of the school looked at my as an Land of Cavemen individual, and avoided singling me out. Why should he? I’m not caucasian.
For once, I feel liek somebody should take literal stand on the stereotypes and propaganda surrounding the colour of somebody’s skin.

As we try and get a formal acceptance package from the university that has “supposedly” accepted me for this Spring. I can’t help thinking that maybe it’s not worth it. But know it is. I know in the LoO, I will find peace, complete and utter hapiness and freedom. My mind is made up, I shall fight against the odds. I shall smile and write all those stupid formal letters until I work my way to the LoO.

The bigger man controls what he wants. The bigger man is in the Land of Oppurtunity. The bigger man is the president of the Isle of Corruption and his bitch(the VP). The bigger man are the rich. The bigger man forces me down. I stood up, I’m still standing, it’s the hardest thing to do. But if i can, you can. Life is a struggle against the bigger man.


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