NakEd Bodies

All i want,
All i need,
All i desire for,
Paint me a picture of,
All i desire for,

Touching myself,
Losing control,
Beside myself,
It’s all i desire for,
Pleasure and pain,
All in vain,
Feeling insane,
It’s all i desire for


Can’t do this,
Flat chested,
Big breasted,
It’s all i desire for,
Breathing hard,
Guilty pleasure,
Hands inside me,
It’s all i desire for,
Screaming louder,
Can’t do this now,
Pervertion founded,
All he desires for,
All she desires for,
All we desire for,


Rubbing and squeezing,
Mad lust,
Deep crust,
Deep fill,
Digging deeper,
Is all i desire for,
His hands…are bemused,
It’s all they desire for,
Stiffled cry,
Hushed sigh,
Behind closed doors,
Like the whoresm
All they desire for,
It’s all I desire for,


Wet, Hard, so horny,
Sex, Medium, so horny,
Love, Hate, so horny,
Doesn’t matt-er, so horny,
It’s all i desire for,
Used, Abused, so horny,
Touched, fucked, so horny,
Mind, Heart, so horny,
It’s all i desire for,
I grow,
I feel,
I melt,
I want,
Should I succ-umb,
To my naked bo-dy,
It’s all i desire for.