Zane’s Sex Chronicles

Ok,I’m not a fan of tv and it’s mainly due to the fact that I never got the chance, Vatti was also limiting my tv ime, and Mutti would always be the one at the other end of the whip waiting if I even peaked to watch days of our lives.
Since I’ve cleared high school and I’m waiting to go t the Land of Promise I decided to invest in cheap movies and 15 hour long series’. I have to say, I;ve enjoyed myself thoroughly. And at the moment I’m watchinga suggested movie.Zane’s sex Chronicles.

My oh my am I having a blast watching it. Zane gives me an overwhelming sense of deja vu because she is exactly how I would be a few years from now. Classy, straight forward, a bad side to her, long curly hair, chic. This series is the shit.
I watched and I thought to myself, there is so much sex in this thing. But the sex defines what these ladies want in life. It’s like eating a candy bar and hoping to get happy. Waiting for endorphins to miraculously work on your depressed nerves.

The sex is what I need…Zane sums up me, Secy and J as a whole.