sEx DrEam

I had the most shocking dream ever yesterday night. The epic sex gladiator fantasy in the cubicles of my imagination!

First,i imagned that a girl called wendy and I were in a gladiator setting with loads of rowdy people who enjoyed the thrill of hot chics fighting. This was apperently a world where they also enjoyed sexual live entertainment for their pleasure. And it was made into an industry where people used to perform like sports.
So wendy was selected with another really buff guy to have sex,hot raunchy sex infront of the crowd,and apperently i needed the money from these sex games so i asked wendy if i cud join n then she allowed.

I went to the guy and kissed him nice and slow,let him fondle me and fuck me on the table as the crowd oo’d n ahh’d…wendy sat n watched..n kissed me from time to time as his big cock pounded in to me.sweat dripped down my face.and i clutched hungrily at his back.we won that round.

We are transported almost immediately to a parking lot where rowdy gladiators want to see the real wendy has to join in if were ever gonna reach the finals.i kissed her tightly,tilted her head as i did it n ripped her gladiator bra off…she did the same for mine…n the dude,took of his…ha carried us both up in his arms. Our bodies limply hung on each arm.and through the hole of his gladiater uniform he dicked us both simultaneously. He groaned loudly as his cock hit our wet pussies..we hung our heads n moaned with pleasure n pain. The crowd went wild.

We finally made it n now all i had to do was fuck with wendy and we’d be done!there was a trampoline with all this tar on it. All tthe naked girl gladiators were naked. The aim of the last part was to get dirty and get naughty with your girl partner. I ripped my clothes of and slathered tar all over my wet soft mounds..girls were dancing around,they were getting high from the tar scent mixed with something unfamiliar.i grabbed those girls n trudged throught that oil. It smelt like wet sex..i found wendy pressed up against the wall.being finger fucked by a blonde…pulled her off, this was a sabotage..i kissed wendys dirty soft lips,parted her pussy lips with my tongue…licked her real good. Danced up on her sweaty body..smooshed our boobs together and in that instant i knew we’d won..

The end

Nice dream huh?hehe