Moments wIth PeaCe

I lied when i said you could never actually obtain peace in purgatory…cause you could. Its called being yourself and standing up for what you believe in..and knowing that,no matter what,you can be happy with who you are.

I’m on this chatsite,yeh.And it reminded me of when i was little and i used to visit similar chatsites like teen chatrooms and stuff.I enjoyed it immensely, I mean when you begin to understannd how life works you become curious. I chatted on this teen chatsite and met a boy,actually many boys.It was amazing,knowing about sex..understanding communication,developing a sense of cyber wisdom. I definately gave birth to the worst part and most seductive part of myself there: Secy

Now this 2go new chatsite that the teenage dramasque is using is an Isle of Corruption chatsite and I can actually talk and meet new people all around!!
Was that my inner peace? that how i became so commandeering?so in control of my communication and my cyber world?..yes,it is.And i thank it for that.

Who knew that on 2go I can actually meet alot of Them,who knew that I could create whatever atmosphere,who knew that in purgatory itd be like technicolour bliss..

And this guy called Thor that i met on it makes life so much funner for me,i like him.