Life meets SeLflEssnesS

The more I think about it,it makes sense to have a life given unto you by God,unto you by our parents. Because I see the love emanated from their actions.And it makes sense…complete sense.
Yesterday I went for dinner with Mutti and Vatti and when we were about to leave this girl who was dumb came in with her mum and it drew peoples attention. I thought to myself not only did I know this girl, but I was so gifted to be normal,whole..This was the selfless work of God,to put us both on earth,so we can learn from eachother.
I learnt that life is precious and going by that I grew in that one moment of reckoning…
I became a defined human being..i knew my purpose was to strive to be as selfless as my creator, as selfless as the bodies who created my were when they brought me into this give me a chance,like that girl was being given.
I didnt cry when i realized this,hehe…
But Guilt dawned on me because what exactly are you supossed to do when something this profound dawns on you.I reflected back to my previous actions, then I reverted from those actions because I remembered I let go of that part of me. Instead I focussed on Douche’s profound words..

There is no regret, what has to happen must happen,everything happens for a reason,we must learn from these truths,these ideas,these mistakes,these experiences and gain clarity in to what we want from life, or who we want to be in life.

I guess that sums it up