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RebeL FrIday

The last day of my freedom week began with a plan. To go to the district of Them. Little did i know,it was a day that would be giving me more than I bargained for.
It began with me tricking Mutti in to dropping me early,how nice,she actually thinks I’m teaching the rest of the class.GUILT.but heck..she made it clear I’m grounded:)A REASON.
So immediately when i was dropped of early,i walked back to the place where u get buses and took one to the CBDTHE PLAN..

Why am i watching a fake ass version of powerpuff girls as i type this..memories! ;(

Anyway got the bus just in time,got there just in time,I actually stopped and called winnie and she never wanted to come!boyfriend drama(dang!such were the days..sighh)and after,got to the DoT in time.I’m telling you,if life was measured in time,I think I’d get a huge fat award for being the god mother of mothers in it 😀
Met kevin,he was his usual self,we went all this way to a further place,might i add, never put your trust in someone who has a ahistory of bad timing. I immediately started getting the hesitation in my voice like ‘oh shit…maybe i shouldnt have agreed to go to the District of Nothing’it literally had nothing!just a university and people.nkt!

Got there,stopped complaining cause there was playstation..yeyy,fifa!played with kevin then came back just in time to the CBD(lest i ve discovered)THE SUCCESS
Oh snap!did i forget to ad the part where the bus i took from DoN dropped me in the middle of a place called OTC!!aka middle of nowhere!!I called steve..but,i had to do this alone. What the hell I was in the middle of nowhere!in the CBD.a place Mutti and Vatti felt the need not to expose me to.’im-so-dead’..oh wait,a motorebike,i can take those!thats simple,i dont have money but steve can pay the guy….THE NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE

Whoever criticised motor bikes for their slickness should go lick an elephants BUTTCRACK.Ok,i enjoyed the feeling of runaway bride on the back of that vehicle,heck yeh!it was awesome. Damn Kevin for putting me on a bus that sent me to such a random location. Anyway steve will meet me there. Hey motorbikes are fun,you just gotta be careful..oh my god,Ive actually travelled by means of 3ways in the space of 4hours,car,foot and motorbike.THE THRILL

Anyway the rest of my one hour basically was coffee with steve,cant believe he still wanted me after the state I looked..think-outraged mother meets hysterical wife meets marathon winner or desert captive..

I actually got back by 2.30,ha!whoever said i was an african timer, go eat your heart day of rebellion since ‘him’…Thank you God,you recieved my messages all of which said ‘i beg u i beg u!please do this for me’
What a friday


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